Thursday, August 31, 2006

VCE subjects next year

Fiddling with my calculator when a voice called out "Sean!".Oh great its my turn now.I wonder what i got for the last test.WHo cares anyway I am dropping it next year.I started recalling my preperation for the bio test.I did nothing to prepare for it.All i did was go to scholl and sit for my test.I began my walk up to the front where the teacher was busy recording the marks into her record book."yes miss?" I said. Then she whispers " you got 82% for your first test and 86 % for your outcome." "oh" i replied with my eyebrows up.In my mind i thought is bio that easy? or did the teacher make a mistake marking it?surely it is a mistake.I did not study for it. Then she ask "so, youre doing bio next year?" "no? why?" "oh youre better at maths?""i see.." .

In my mind i was just thinking why i chose the subjects i chose. I chose it because i don like studying.and i chose math becuz i dun need to study them...hmmm its good and bad depending how u look at it.

ESL(english as second language),
math specialist(higher level of math),
math methods(like addmath in msia)
Physics (also got to do with counting)
chem ( the only subject i needed studying)

We call it the asian 5 subjects.I must admit it is asian.BUt why is it asian?It is becuz asian parents want their children to be engineers,businessman,doctors or lawyers.Typical asian parents who just want prestige and fame to be brought into their family.Asian families is all about bringing honour to your sur name.

so what do i want to do in the future?i dont know.I'll leave it to God to determine my result. I dont want to walk in my own will.Not my will but YOURS be done.

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