Tuesday, July 11, 2006

School School School

Well school has been part of our everyday human lifes....or is it?Well before we talk about the whole idea of school.Let me bring u to my world...a world of how my school was and is.take for example today....i get up at 6.30....wash up and all and head for school at 7.30.yeah i live a long way from school.i take it as a blessing...rather than waking up 5am in malaysia...haha... so yea...arrive at school with the hairstyle i woke up with...sometimes i look cool,sometimes "gangster", sometimes i juz look gay...ahhaha hairdo while in bed is random anyway.hahaha

So then school starts ...2 periods...recess....2 periods lunch...and 2 periods.....go home.then i will be like "er....school's over?". Time flies ya know.....especially when its so relax and all....In malaysia ,it took forever for school to end. Well maybe its because of the weather.....here u do work in a cooling environment.So then....the question is....is school important?

NO!school should never be ur priority in life.School is after all a system that people go through to become for succesfull in the world.I believe that anything at all that is put in priority rather than God is an idol itself.For example money....u put it before God in ur priority list and God says "choose you this day whom will u serve for no man can serve two masters".You see....ur commitment in life can either build u or destroy u,but most of all it defines you. So why school?

Be it college or university,u are still in a "school" cuz u r learning something to be "someone" in this world.We are therefore called to be in schools for a purpose,not to be of this world, but to share the gospel, that the kingdom of heaven/God is near.IF it doesnt mmake any sense, let me explain.God doesnt need you to go to school to be educated, He chose fishermans to be his disciples and ended up having profound greek to write books/letters to what has been compiled in the new testament.so take this, You dont need school! BUT u were placed there for a purpose,not a coincidence, but for a purpose.A purpose that had been blue printed while u were knitted in ur mothers womb(psalms). You are to be witnesses to all mankind.

So does this mean we shldnt study hard?NO! not at all. we should in fact put effort in it.God has told us to put every effort and love into everything that we do(Collosians 3:23).God is not interested on how hardworking u are at church or how holy u are in church,it is ur everyday life that he is interested in.the minor things that u do.psalm 37:23(NLT) says "The steps of the godly are directed by the Lord.He delights in every detail of their lives."So with every responsibilty that ur given, do it with all ur heart,for if u r faithful with the few things,God will give u more.

I hope this post is of great help,to realise our purpose and not forget it.Life is temporary, so make the full use out of it!

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