Monday, March 22, 2010

fulfill your prophesy Lord.


I am beginning to see your prophecies unfolding.
Not to long ago I was wondering how were things to unfold.
Now I begin to understand that it is all in your time.
But Lord, whether or not I will live to see your prophecy fulfilled, I will choose to love you more each day. Whether you continue to whisper in my ear the secrets of your heart, I wil choose to love you more each day.
You have tested me, beyond what I can imagine. And yes I have failed so many times. I begin to know how weak I am without you. That I need you to draw strength from.
Lord work in me, take away the weeds in my heart. I want to be stronger. I want to be better.
I dont want to impress any man. May no one on earth find favour in me except you Lord. May I be despised, put down and tested and still find favour in you. I am here to please no one except you.

Thanks for equipping me with the gifts to equip your saints.Thanks for circumstances that have shapped me to who I am today. I shall not be content with my level of relationship with you. I want to go deeper. I want to know your hearts desire. I want to know the secrets of your heart. I want more of you. Let me prophesy to the nations, and lead them back to you. Teach me while I am in my youth. mould me so that I may not fail you once you put me up there. I want to stumble no one but only to bring glory to your name.

Destroy this house if I have built it on wrong foundation. Build me up again God. Restore me in the fullness of your glory. Give me insight and let me see what you are doing in people's lives. That I may do what the father does.

You have always led me. Up till now, you have always been guiding me and never have I made the wrong turn and never will I want to. Every decision , every step has led me to where I am today. Continue to lead me Lord. So that through your servant, your will may be accomplished.
I live....only to fulfill your will.