Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The altercation in the mind is only but a silent killer that awakes from the inside and would well be hidden through the phase of life. It goes about unnoticed, subtle yet real. Often leading to despondency , oblivious to what had been the cause of it. Sufficiency of reason depletes as the altercation grows louder and louder and a cry from the inside screams out for peace the mind. The birth of indecisiveness and irrationality soon becomes apparent. Adversary of oneself becomes the toughest challenge in life. Decisions ,no doubt chooses the journey and the pathway of life.

Decisions is always a constant struggle. Dilemma was becoming more of a friend. But as the sequential movements of events in what we measure as 'time' soon passes, and the facets of life scrutinized from hindsight, It becomes more obvious of the fact that choices and decisions made are in no relation to age but relates directly to the maturity of a person. The scale of decision making suddenly becomes subjective to the individual . It becomes like a thumbprint that everyone would have a different character, a different anxiety, a different goal, a different motive to every decision making. Although the decision might somewhat  similar to another person, but if circumstances ,sequence of events and emotions were taken into consideration, it is a whole new, different decision altogether.

If this is true, then is it not also true that no one would be able to FULLY comprehend what another is going through?Maybe it is possible  to a certain extend , but to take everything else into consideration, the greatest degree of understanding would never be achievable by a mere human being. The life gone through is a masterpiece itself.

Who then do we turn to?Who then do we seek? 
Maybe, just maybe...thats why we need God.
Thats just me, but most importantly what do you think?

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_uniki said...

Actually, this was very hard to decifer, more so than usually. A perfect example of the shortfallings of human understanding.

I think we could never be understood, though we crave to be known- to our very core! No one person could know us completely *duh. Thus we usually have more than one friend. Because sometimes the lives we live may overlap and relate to the lives of our friends, creating common grounds and a relatively solid basis for understanding.

But yes, God still exceeds our abilities infinite amounts!