Tuesday, August 07, 2007

what a day

Shuffling about my seat..i glanced at the time, 3pm.Wow..ive been here for 5 hours...at the same seat.Well this morning i thought it would be a good idea to get down to the library to do some studying.Why not at home?Because there's too many distractions..i often find myself doing something else..running to the kitchen to grab a bite etc. So i headed down to the library..narre warren library...wasnt facinating...no private study area.i spotted a table near the window.That will do i guess.

Before long..5 hours just flew by with me still in the same seat.Wow.Im a nerd!Then a group of boys walked by...they were talking very loudly..As far as i could make out from their conversation...2 of them were trying to prove to the other two boys why the bible is iilogical..a myth.I couldnt help but to eavesdrop.And boy those two who wanted to prove the bible wrong certainly knew the bible well..They had strong facts and strong questions....it was obvious they had done a thorough research on it.

Their conversation went on.the more i heard it the more i aggrevated i became...they were despising the bible...saying it was juz some magic tricks...its just a myth..why this and why that...then a lady stood up and went to their table...she too couldnt take it and was there to defend her faith.(she was hot). ok continuing.... then i thought everything should be fine...soon..the lady ran out of words...she was caught in the corner....and like all gentlemen do...i stood up.

i walked towards the group and this was how it went

Me : hi, i couldnt help but to listen to your conversation..i really found it interesting with the questions being raised.do you mind if i join in?

Guy 1 : sure....

Me : regarding your earlier question..you asked how is it possible for all animals to gather in noah's ark.and what about dinasaurs?it sounds impossible isnt it?i mean 1st of all its hard enough for a human to even order animals around...ahah

Guy 1: yea that, and also ive seen lions eating deers and all that.how can it be possible for all of them to be in the same boat?

Me : Here's the deal. Do you know that the world used to have only 1 piece of land before it was seperated into different continents over time?By the way that was how people were seperated all over the world.After the flood noahs decendents went around the world...and over time...the land got seperated and thats how you have north and south america...asia..africa, etc

Guy 1: yea..i know that..

Me : I thought so u would.its basic knowledge anyway.So why is it not possible for all the land animals to meet at once place ?Since the land is not seperated, it would be easy for land animals to gather together.And if God is the one who created these animals..don't you think God can instruct the animals to go to noah?

Guy 3 says to guy 1 : you just got owned dude.!

Guy 1 : then how about all the animals in one boat without eating each other ?

Me : HOw do you think animals are kept in the zoos?but animals could be kept in one area.My point is...animals could be kept in cages and im sure Noah would know how to seperate the animals properly.for example carnivorous on the upper deck...etc.

Chick : yea! im sure they have boundries and cages!

Me : Also note that if God can shut the lion's mouth...he can prevent them from eating each other...

Guy 2 : what about dinasaurs.they cant fit in! and all the animals in the world? come on!

Me : Well...Noah diddnt put all the animals in the boat. Only land animals..and do you know that the bigger animals are mostly in the sea?and since it flooded....these marine life could just continue in their habitat....Marine animals are probably 100x bigger than land animals...and thats why Noah diddnt need to keep them on the boat.

chick : yea! like whales!

*she was funny...*


Me : ( to break the awkward silence) i also found it facinating how you would say God is not real..because you cant see him.hmmm....Do you see the air particles?

Guy 1 : No..

Me : you cant see them but u can feel the effect of it..the wind..the breathing...YOu see, God may not be seen but u can see the effects of it..the nature...the living organisms..everything around us proves it.

Guy 3 : thats right..

Guy 1 : why then are there poor people in the world if God loves them?

Me : A poor person wouldnt know he is poor unless he compares himself with someone richer..

Guy 3 : wow..true..

* the conversation went for one hour.....covering everything...literally everything...i mean 1 hour....gosh*
*cut the long story short*

GUy 1 : whatever it is i still wont believe this bible...it just doesnt make sense

Me : to be honest...i cant force you to...im not here to force you to believe it.Im here to tell you the reason why i believe in it.You ask me why ...i answer.BUt for you to believe it..God needs to touch you personally.

So what do you know...today was just great...i later found out that chick goes to roman prebytarian somewhere in narre warren.... thats besides the point =p

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