Friday, July 14, 2006

My life's story

This post is in case of case i go thru some disease and forgot who i am...i will refer to this....hahahah

0-3 years old
i remember nothing at this stage of life.hmm let me think...oh ya! bryan came to this world at when i was 3. i remember my favourite cartoon was captain planet and transformers.I would play with "H" toys and lego.i was building things.of course things that 3 yr olds build.I build guns and more guns.haha i played toy cars too...usual stuff for boys.and i din realise this untill when i got older....i ate shit!...hahah no im not swearing, but literally i ate my own the taste of it tho...hahahah

4-6 years
hmmm....this was kindergarten age..i went to little buds.i would always everyday for all 3 years.hahah the boy who cried the most.let me see if i remember teacher's names....Mrs leong was the principal...good ol lady, mrs Ho....she had a mole and was the fiercest 1 in school,miss adeline..the lady who opens the gate for us! my memory bank.I was mischievous at this age,and full of energy.every sports day i will be the one winning attitude....hmm no different from today tho...hahaha I remember dancing BALLROOM! thats it! ballroom ...ahhah i was a prince and i danced with a princess..hahah concerts were what our kindergarten was famous for btw.I remember being disciplined at this age by my dad.him with the cane was playin zorro on my thats why im the toughest amongst my siblings.cuz they din receive what i did.cant blame new parents.

7-10 years
like any other maysian parent will do...push u to study.stress u out and get the results.hahahha i remember my 1st word that i learned was API! haha i met new frends on the 1st day of skool. yes, i did shit in my own pants before...ahhaha i was always in the 1st class since they started streaming us and seperating us according to our results.i did high jump and came out 4th....erm...did a few other sports and got 2 or 3 medals out of it.Never occured to me that it was a gift juz to be able to produce results and be sporty at the same time.I was still a child.

11-12 years
people started bullying me and once and for all it got to my nerve.i started fighting back.Then as time goes by ..instead of defending myself,i started bullying others too.i even bully the bullies.we often had fights and was an all boys school.i remember my pants being pulled down in front of a chinese school assembly.i ran after that guy(i was one of the fastest sprinter) and caught him and ripped his he had the rest of the day without a shirt...this was the time i became bad.I would always win arm wrestlings so i knew no one in the school was stronger than me,therefore everyone was afraid of me.we had fights almost everyday be it class vs class or even in our very own class.sometimes blood was involve.We also had to show others how tough we are by jumping off a 1 storey building.and i did it.not once but a couple of times.
I started becoming famous in school for the wrong reasons.everyone knew me.I was one of the school's hockey team too.I played chess for school and got no.9 in zone level.i was in the choral speaking team which got 3rd in zone level.I played soccer and represented my class to get 2nd in school.I was good with my colouring that i got overall champion in my school.I then represented school but diddnt go on to win anymore.I diddnt study much but ended up with 4A's 1B for UPSR.

13 years
i changed from what i was the year before.i made it clear to myself i will turn over a new leaf.I was a probationary prefect who did his work well.studies diddnt matter cuz i had no major exam till form im 15 yrs old.i got to learn what love is and got myself entangled which my dad had to come to speak to me .It was a new life again.i got myself involve with children's ministry.went to pahang to dance.followed my dad around msia when he preach.i received the most exposure which is what makes me think differently.

14 years
i made new to know alot of people,including people from other schools.imy range of friends grew wider.I was now Had of organisation for the prefect board.we had to wear songkok for duties.i was getting tired of my job.too much politics at this age.I never knew what politics were untill i got myself into this prefect board.we used to do push ups on our knuckles on tar to show our toughness and seriousness.

15 years
i got my 1st aid certificate this year.and i had a major exam ahead.This year was a turning point for my chess skills as i beat the president at this was a big achievement for me and i got myself knowing more people.People older than me...16,17,18 and 19 yrs will want to have a match with me.i won all of them.i started training people,mainly those ive chosen to be my team.we go for competitions around jb.for exposure purposes.we diddnt win any tournaments but we got exposure. then the major exam came.its a long story but to cut it short, i got straight A's .

16 years
by now my range of friends was fairly wide.i needed 2 msn accounts to hold all of them as one of it was already full.for chess,i continued and persue on representing school.this year i received a trophy, for winning all the chess profile was booming.then a few of us start collecting all the top soccer players in our year level and began to make a team.we won all the tournaments we went in.we even beat those 19 yearolds. we were the team to beat in every tournament.i was also full on into st.john marching.we trained every week.doing 100 push ups , running 4km and 100 sit ups. this is excluding the punishments we receive.we joined the camping which we won 1st in every category.this was the peak of my life. everything i was in,i tried to be the best in it. i started playing basketball at the end of the year..and the next year i was in the school team.note that i never played baketball for the past 16 yreas at all.

17 years
Now the major exam was studies was just above average.I was now president of chess club,school basketball team,lens corparal for st.john ambulans and not forgetting i was still in the elite soccer team.our team dispersed at one point and juniors came asking me to be on their team,they each offered different things to join their team but i took the offer which said i diddnt have to pay anything.hahahah we got into semis but thats about it. we later regrouped our original team and continued winning for chess, it was a totally new level of playing,i found myself playing in the same competition as the malaysian no.1 and no.6.....and also people from overseas coming into this competiotion including a grandmaster.There are 4 boards in a team.
best board 1= malaysian no.1
best board 2=grandmaster
bestboard 3= former malaysian champion
besboard 4= Sean sim
haha i felt embarass receiving the trophy as i was the one without any profile.
as for studies, 1st semester i got no.2 and 2nd semester i was no.3 i was having 10 subjects to cope up with and so the final exam came without me being prepared at all.i was too busy with my sports life.i did my exam and the results were bad 4A1 2A2 2B3 2B4 in other words, 6A 4B

18 years
well here i am with a brand new life,taking my faith to another we'll wait and see how this year goes by.....

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