Thursday, July 06, 2006

Anthem camp

Man Anthem camp was awesome wasnt it.Its been some time since i really felt God's anointing in youth camps...the last time i remember experiencing it was in Awana,Genting.But lets not go there, this camp was great and with all the prayers that build up towards it, with the expectation for something to You could almost feel on the last night that people were juz sayin to themselves,"come on, this isnt suppose to be an ordinary camp...." you could almost feel the expectation from everyone..!untill BOOM! it came on the last night! how amazing was that experience. You could feel tired yet u feel energised. I guess it was like what the scripture says when we are weak,he is our! so here is my report on the my view of

1st day
i reached the camp.arriving from OCF camp.was camp yea,i arrived and when i stepped in the hall, all of a sudden (i think matt pastor) started it, they all were chanting "SIM SIM SIM" hahah...felt kinda wierd,but hey i was quickly ushered to my group was given the dorm keys. cuz i was the dorm leader.haha then here comes suz holding out a scroll and telling me my responsibilities. "You shall lead quiet time.You shall be responsible for the keys You shall......." hahahh...i nodding my head the whole time.i bet if u saw me from afar,u would think i was on yea we got to our groups and worked on our cheers...which did nt turn out as expected.haahjonah and his famous CLAP!ahha we had fun anyways. if not for the cheers, we had fun seeing Aileen running away from the spider(spider was like miles away) after that we went out and had some fun outdoors....6 tennis courts. but i decided to play basketball with 6 of them(wats wif the number 6 anyway?). hmm so yea we played till CJ hurt his leg....he hurt it after jumping?lol. dunno how that works but oh wells.... we got inside. i loitered around and then got to my "dorm" ...i took out my bible and started preparing for the quiet time that night.listing down verses assosiated with it.Good ol memory bank i have.then Jonah came in and we discussed it together. After that we went for dinner and had our 1st session.HAd supper and then we did our quiet time in our rooms.It was great being given the priveledge to impart knowledge that ive stored for God knows how long.hahah .....then we played Big TWo. which i still hold the record of winnning 10 games in a row.hahah okok...we played cuz we were waiting for the Australia vs Italy match. which we found out was very dissapointing.could feel the gloom in the room that day.last second penalty?and a cheap one too...hahah yea that was the 1st day.

2nd day
We were supposed to prepare breakfast that day. I went to the kitchen and realise me and CJ were the only ones there.and we slept the latest! hahah so we decided to join in the prayer.THere we juz had a time of basking in his presence.enjoing it in the morning....mmmhh. Then we had games later on. haha and to be honest,i just learned sodoku this year at suz's house.ahah and boy did it come in handy durin the games.because of it we had 10 points lead and approximately 5 minutes lead.hahahgames was fun...well done games team.the last job was kinda easy.swallowing down a raw egg..haha yea so we won the game. and everyone played their part in winning it.That night we planned on what to do the next day for our concert..otherwise known as talentime. Me and CJ stayed up and took 10 minutes to write out the script.We later told the group we stayed up and thought about it for hours.hhahahha
This night we had quiet time,and it was a good one. Edward was full of questions about the bible and man was i ready for it.ahha it diddnt just stop there, in bed, he was sleeping in the same room as me,so he continued questioning this and that, i dare say God's wisdom was with me.becuz i know some of it i couldnt have answered with my own wisdom.We ended the night peacefully at 5am(had to wake up at 7 the next day), but i could sense that i left him there pondering on the things i said and he was ready to change his mindset and views on certain things.

3rd day
I got up without having sufficient amount of sleep but guess what,i wasnt tired at all.It can only be God's strength that pull me thru the wholeday,in fact i diddnt sleep untill 23 hours later at could a 2 hour nap hold me up so long?It was here i am ...going for breakfast, practicing the drama with the team.and then it got to the real thing. Our performance! and boy did we pull it off! everyone had fun watching it.could see all of them on the floor laughing.glad that everything went well. and then came the night, where people juz came out for the alter call.not for the message, not for people to see,not for the preacher but just wanting to experience GOD! like i said earlier, there was so much expectation in each and every one of us. We all had been praying for this moment to come and we juz went out in faith. And BOY! did God move! suddenly prophecies were juz flowing out.People just started bursting into tears.....Rob's vision had just come to past! an ovary was being healed right before our eyes.we could see it moving.then new believers juz started speaking in tongues!young people started praying for one one was left out! The anointing was just so so so strong! you could juz feel it!all i can say is God was there.and He had thought me alot, which i will probably share in another post. That night we all had the priveledge of staying up. played games and all.we had the preaching game which we all had fun laughing at darius and matt.hey ...what can i say that was one kind of a night we had!

DAy 4
We had our last session and had luch and we all worked together to pack up and clean up every mess we made.we got on the bus and we had...PREACHING GAME again.okok the game goes like this.they give u a verse and u got to preach it! and no, its not as easy as it sounds! haha i pulled off my one tho.

Over all, this camp was awesomely awesome and i hope the fire that was started will be harnessed and not burn out.Heaven and earth may pass away but God's word will still remain.God is afterall......God.

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