Monday, October 09, 2006


Sometimes i wish and wish,
for an eternal bliss,
where i can live in peace,
with joy that never cease,

I wish and wish again,
for a land without any pain,
where the pastures are green,
and enemies unseen.

If only i could be innocent again,
a little child not knowing pain,
a cradle to rock me by,
and not forgetting a lulluby,

look around and see the world,
a place where war and chaos exist,
and why did that poor little girl,
had to die because of disease?

then why do i long for a place,
a place of perfection and love,
when i know its never real,
finding it im nowhere near.

Why do i cry in pain,
in what way do i gain?
is it not the same old cycle,
where joy and happiness seems unreal.

everything i go through each day,
seems meaningless needless to say,
my reputation my credibility that i build,
will one day be meaningless with guilt,

God help me oh God hear me,
If you are there please answer me,
streghthen me and empower me,
to fulfill your will and be done with this body.

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