Thursday, November 30, 2006


i know i know...its been awhile since i blogged. who knows holidays can be so taxing?lol

So i got this job...which only last for awhile till my task is over...get bout 13 per hour ...i work 8 u do the maths aite...haha i take up 3 hours of my time each day driving....and yea...

so i am still continuously applying for other jobs.hopefully do a few jobs at once...I wanna do jobs which requires lots of thinking but hey most of them require certs and stuff...hahaha hey u noe wat ...i came across this quote which is me at least...haha

Copying one person's ideas is called plagiarism, copying many people's ideas is called research!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Test result

so i did the colesmyers test and guess what...appearently my answers were juz too good for the computer to process it....hahhahahaha im talking about the work safety part...yea thats right i'll quote them

"On this occasion from your response patterns we were unable to ensure the accuracy of your resulting work safety score and its appropriate interpretation. For this reason we are unable to provide you with a valid score for this assessment."

hahah its juz wierd.....if anybody ever encountered this let me cuz so far noone ever got this! zzzzz

in summary..

1)Cognitive Ability test = 97%
2)Work preference profile =go to the link below and see
3)Work safety = unable to process result.(LOL!)


Sunday, November 19, 2006

an influence

What makes a person a person?What is it that defines who we are?is it our actions?what we do? or is it juz who we are?Remember those times when we were lil kids...we use to juz make friends with whoever we know?they dont have status or whatsoever...yet we juz willingly play with them.We made friends with almost every kid we meet....though we may not have been fluent in english....we did enough by juz asking .."can u be my friend?"....and whenever lil kids have a fight...they always end up sayin "i don wanna friend you".....wasnt it just cute during those days of our lives? when no status,no barriers could hold us back from accepting people as just who they are.... just as who they are...

What about now>?why is it that when we get older....we resort into choosing our own friends instead?we devide people up into different groups....the nerds hang out together....the sports guys hang out at one corner and the :cool" ones at another corner...What about those days when there was no seperation between people?what about those days when we could just accept one another as just who they are?When lil kids fight....they fight today and tomorrow they forget and just be friends again.I remember having bloody fights when i was young....yea literally bloody but hey we still be friendsagain the next day and then later fight again...then friends again....haha come to think of it...i reckon its unique...hahah

So where does this all division among people come from? Parents!Adults! yeap....werent they the ones who told u to "choose your friends wisely" "dont mix with the wrong group of people" and the bible too.,..when it says in proverbs "he who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm" So why are parents so concern about our friends? it is because they have seen over the years how mixing with the wrong group juz destroys every potential in you.and its true.someone once said "show me your friends, and i can tell you your future"..a very true statement to the core if u think about it.most of us are who we are today because of the friends around us. you see an emo...and u know what friends he has been hanging out with....u see a gangster and u know the friends he hanged out with....anything or everything u see is dependable or consequential of our actions.

So where am i getting at?The simple reason why friends either destroy or build u up simply depend on your level of influence.if u join a group and see how different u have become compared to before u join...then u would know if they had build u up or tear u down...but if u were to take another step further ....instead of bein influenced by them....and be a stronger influence...then that is what i call a breaktrough. david wilkison went to the gangsters to reach out to them...he had a greater influence..far beyond the gangsters influence....

what happens if you put salt into an orange juice?the orange juice becomes now..think about it....why did the orange juice become salty? WHy diddnt the sweetness of the orange overcome the saltiness?even though there was a lesser amount of salt...the juice still became salty.A simple conclusion would be that the salt is more influential that the sweetness in the orange juice. So no matter how big your group of friends your way up to become the influence itself!

just an interesting note: look at your own group of friends and see if u can find the one who has been the greatest influence all this can be :
1) when he/she makes a decision the majority agrees
2) he/she would stand up for u guys if there was any problem

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Resume writing

Its been a cold cold think that some parts of melbourne were 0 celcius just made me thank GOd that my place was only 8celcius...hmmm winter started early and now its ending late good think my blanket is duck feathers....its the warmest thing there is i think...hahah

haha i found myself looking at a dull 2 month holiday coming up.I decided to look for a job...ended up having to do my resume.I find resume writting very interesting.Here you are promoting yourself as if you are an item on display.You are now to tell the people why you are better than the rest of the applicants.So in a way, you need a big ego and be confident of yourself.hahah I thought about it so i decided to write down all my awards and certificates down.You know what i ended up doing? filling up 2 pages...hahaha so i decided to cut down my awards and certificates to half of what i have choosing significant ones... and here is what i laid down..

Awards and certificates

• Distinction in Australian Mathematics Competition 2006
• Distinction in International Competitions for schools(Mathematics) 2004
• Credit in International Competitions for schools(English) 2004
• Credit in International Competitions for schools(Science) 2004
• Represented school in Mathematics and Science 2005
• Certificate of Excellent Result in English 2005
• Certificate of Excellent Result in Lower Secondary Examination 2003

• 1st in street soccer competition 2004 (intraschool)
• 1st in street soccer competition 2005 (intraschool)
• 1st in soccer competition 2004 (intraschool)
• 3rd in soccer competition 2000 (intraschool)
• Participated in soccer tournament 2006
• Represented school in Basketball 2005
• 9th in zonal competition for chess 2000
• 10th in district competition for chess 2004
• 7th in district competition for chess 2005
• Best player in Convent Chess tournament 2003
• Best player in Johor Chess festival 2005
• 3rd in Sultan Ibrahim chess open (team event)
• 4th in Johor Chess Festival ( team event)
• Participated in the EC run (6 km) 2002 ,2003, 2004 ,2005

• Head of organizing committee 2002 (prefect board)
• President of chess club 2005
• Lance Corporal in Saint John Ambulance Malaysia
• First Aid Certificate

haha so i was just contented with this half and i thought to myself that this should be enough to impress employers.NOw i just got to find me some refrees.....hmm who wants to be my referee?haha im guessing that the people reading this blog are in no position to be a

hmm so are we defined by who we are or are we defined by what we do? I'll leave it to you to think about it.If you have any interesting comments on this let me know via e-mail or msn or the tag box on the bottom right hand corner of this blog. Thank you!

Monday, November 13, 2006


Suddenly an outburst of people reading or rather visiting this blog...hmmm
its has been a great week and hey tomorrow is my last day of exams...and i wonder what i will do after that...hmm anybody wanna hang out? call! i can drive..woot.... hahah so hey if ur wondering how was exam? its only yr 11 exams so the results don matter much.... i guess that says how my exam was....hahahha

ok enuf about exams.... my week in general was good. aileen and niki were somehow inspired by some supernatural force to take up guitaring.... and to top that up aileen cut only 3 of her nails...leaving the pinky and the thumb with long sticking nails....for some reason.....hmmm self defence?haha

but this holidays...with the time i have....i'll try to turn pro with my guitar...tho i forgot a whole lot of it...cant read notes now...grrr...only can read chords and other way of noting the fingerings,....hmmmm so i have a mission but yea dont noe if i will keep up with it...ahhahah

still i cant stay home playin guitar 24/7 ...hmmm ...still need to go di da di da....
anyway here is the quote of the day....and something u can spend the next 60 seconds pondering about it..


Friday, November 10, 2006


Dance has been taking this world by storm....its no surprise considering how useful dance is in many areas of life.Some say it is a way of life...well i agree to a certain extend...
I just finished watching another ballroom was on foxtell and i had yea..nothing better to do..haha i found a few quotes from the movie quite interesting
"dance is like a drug...."
" dance is used to summon entertain and to some it paints the colours in their lives that they never knew existed"

come to think of can be expressed in all sorts of can intimidate people...builds up ones confidence....have a clear mind....lots of stuff...I know some dances u will just get lost in it for hours...and some u juz dance to forget all the hurts around some dances like break builds up confidence of ur ownself....

olden days dance was more like a ritual done for spiritual tribal it becomes more of an entertainment....Dance is also capable of motivating as much as a song does.....To find such a unique expression of life so usefull in life ...its never surprising to see how dance is spreading world wide now... Simple as the word can be...its nature itself is complicated to its core.Now juz dance like uve never dance and move like uve never move......

Inconsistent language

English...a language so inconsistent and yet used on a worldwide scale.If you were wondering what was the fuss about "ghoti" and "fish" ...well today is your day become less dense in just 5 minutes..haha ok 1st of all "ghoti" is pronounced as "fish".This is away of proving the inconsistency of the english language.let me explain how this works ..
"enough" - notice how "gh " in this word is pronounced with an "f" sound..
"women" - now the"o" in the word is pronounced as "ee"
"nation" - now the "ti" in this word is pronounced as "sh"
so now you get the hang of it? u combine all of it and u get "feesh" which is also "fish" and not forgetting "ghoti"! ahahah

There are seemingly endless debates over which is the longest word in English, demonstrating that the idea of what constitutes a word is not as straightforward as it seems. English allows new words to be formed by construction; long words are frequently coined; place names may be considered words; technical terms may be very long. It is difficult to know where to draw the line.

The longest word in any major English language dictionary is pneumo­noultra­microscopic­silico­volcano­coniosis, a 45-letter word supposed to refer to a lung disease, but research has discovered that this word was originally intended as a hoax. It has since been used in a close approximation of its originally intended context, lending at least some degree of validity to its claim.

I heard on a radio programme once about someone asking anyone to just write in morewords to be added into the dictionary.This is because there are still some expressions or situations that english itself is unable to describe fully.So with new words being added so often,who knows what new words there are each day?Simply make one word up and send to websters haha im sure malaysians have many of their own words made up with very interesting meanings. hahah

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Time machine

So by now most of you who know me well enough would know that i have an extraordinary piece of memory.A brain capable of remembering events long time ago in detail.Such has been much of a help in recollecting and reliving memories through pieces of writings.given time, i can tell you in detail how the 1st timei met u was like.hmmm .... because of such abililities i could remember stuffs that would pull me thru my hardest struggles and also stuff that could bring me down to an endless pit. Yes, life has its ups and downs....and allof it i have in mind a precise timeline of the events...
FOrgive and forget was never my motto...nor could i even carry it out....yes,...i can forgive...but to forget....its is as if u r asking a bird not to fly when it was meant to right from birth.... it has its pros and cons....on one hand you learn from the lessons of life....not during those moments but instead in hindsight of it, u learn even more.....18 and a half years has been a short period of time but if you could relive each event and learn different lessons from it ....its worth a thousand years of experience.....On the other hand....what good does it do to remember my darkest part of my past, the part i could not seperate even if i wanted to.
Ever pondered what you would do if you had a time machine?To be honest i have, and i bet many of you did too.I could do so many things with a time machine.....rewind back time and i can undo the mistakes i did, eliminate the humiliation ...and live a perfect life....even einstein, a great scientist was looking into the possibility of it....making time relative to actions.....stephen hawkins is no different.But what is it that we can do in the past to make things better?Nothing. WE are who we are today because of what happened in the past. Maturing far beyond a simple 18 year old, i see life from a different angle.An angle only few have seen...Nothing i can do to change the past...and even if there was such a process of entering the past, i will not alter one bit of it.Because i know that God brings out the good out of evil....He brings joy out of sadness....He brings peace out of chaos.Everything that happened was to make me who i am today.
Easy to say but sometimes we hope for the impossible,believing the unrealistic just in order to fulfill our own selfish desires...Everyone wants to do everything right...but we forget that we cant. We all want to be recognised by people......but you will reach a point when u want less publicity and more time for yourself.It just goes round in a circle...Nothing seems to end...but let it start today, remove the scales of depression from your eyes....because

Sunday, November 05, 2006


AS we are nearing the 1000th mark of people visiting this blog....(stats excluding my own visitation)
I would juz like to share a few statistics...

This blog is
1)viewed by people from
-United Kingdom

2)Most popular archive = july 2006
MOst popular post = mr.bean & swearing (both with the same number of hits)
Top referer =

Internet explorer = 52.3%
Mozilla Firefox = 47.1 %
Netscape = 0.3%
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4)Operating system
windows xp = 97.3%
windows 2000 = 2.1%

5) How people found this site
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6)Average visitors perday
August = 12
September = 8
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November =10

So 1000 visitors in 3month plus......thank u all for your support... =)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

for such a time as this

Have u ever wanted a perfect world?a world where we could live in peace and harmony?when kids can be trusted to play freely in parks without supervision....where people will be understanding..helpful.....a world where everything is seemingly perfect...?

Do you not know that we possess such power in us ...a power enough to liberate this world from its pains. do you not know how much energy each of us have?can u imagine if we could harness this energy together....what impact it could have?all it takes is unity and oneness.....look in few years time...there will be no more poverty all because one man went all out to fullfill that mission....
if that is what one man can do....than what more if all of us unite?The only reason why we can never achieve something great is because of distractions.....what are the distractions?u tell me....

Its a wonder how distractions can seem so big at that point of time and seem so pointless the next moment.the earlier u start to identify the distractions...the wiser you are...have u ever wondered why u should be born in the first place?why not just be nothing....never existing?why should u ever exist?isnt it juz a waste of time to live and then just die one day?well the truth is...there was a devine purpose for your birth..your growth....the way you were brought up....for SUCH A TIME AS THIS! THIS IS YOUR TIME TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! the earth is calling out in its pains......Accomplish what you were created for!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

CHildhood cartoons

ok..let me take you for a walk down memory lane.We see a small lil kiddo sitting infront of a television.Television with antennas sticking out of it.The channels were on the television set so each time you want to change a gotta run up to the tv set and press the button!hehe no such thing as a remote there i was riding in the house on my red tricycle...zooming here and there...wearing my sunglasses and I also had ribbons coming out of the tricycle handles.There was a basket behind the tricycle which i put my favourite toys in it.=) Then came my favourite programme...i would zoom in my lil red tricycle all the way to the television set..."Sean dont seat too near to the television set.." came a voice from the kitchen... "yes mummy....." i replied. "turn the volume down..your baby brother is sleeping....(in his cradle)." she said again....."yes mummy.." was my reply...
The excitement of being able to watch my favourite cartoons just took my mind off everything.All i cared now was my cartoons.....I would bring my toys and play it in front of the it during the commercials....

With youtube being so efficient...i manage to find my long lost cartoons....

1st of all....transformers!!!

2ndly captain planet!!!!

love the theme song.....could see me as a lil kid singing...."captain planet...he's the hero......"

although cartoons were not that well drawn and done up as 3d and all.....but still i reckon they were still the best cartoons.....i can name a whole lot more...sesame street..gummy bears....chip&dales..darkwing duck...hahah i can see some of you nodding your heads...yeap! the list goes on and on....