Thursday, November 16, 2006

Resume writing

Its been a cold cold think that some parts of melbourne were 0 celcius just made me thank GOd that my place was only 8celcius...hmmm winter started early and now its ending late good think my blanket is duck feathers....its the warmest thing there is i think...hahah

haha i found myself looking at a dull 2 month holiday coming up.I decided to look for a job...ended up having to do my resume.I find resume writting very interesting.Here you are promoting yourself as if you are an item on display.You are now to tell the people why you are better than the rest of the applicants.So in a way, you need a big ego and be confident of yourself.hahah I thought about it so i decided to write down all my awards and certificates down.You know what i ended up doing? filling up 2 pages...hahaha so i decided to cut down my awards and certificates to half of what i have choosing significant ones... and here is what i laid down..

Awards and certificates

• Distinction in Australian Mathematics Competition 2006
• Distinction in International Competitions for schools(Mathematics) 2004
• Credit in International Competitions for schools(English) 2004
• Credit in International Competitions for schools(Science) 2004
• Represented school in Mathematics and Science 2005
• Certificate of Excellent Result in English 2005
• Certificate of Excellent Result in Lower Secondary Examination 2003

• 1st in street soccer competition 2004 (intraschool)
• 1st in street soccer competition 2005 (intraschool)
• 1st in soccer competition 2004 (intraschool)
• 3rd in soccer competition 2000 (intraschool)
• Participated in soccer tournament 2006
• Represented school in Basketball 2005
• 9th in zonal competition for chess 2000
• 10th in district competition for chess 2004
• 7th in district competition for chess 2005
• Best player in Convent Chess tournament 2003
• Best player in Johor Chess festival 2005
• 3rd in Sultan Ibrahim chess open (team event)
• 4th in Johor Chess Festival ( team event)
• Participated in the EC run (6 km) 2002 ,2003, 2004 ,2005

• Head of organizing committee 2002 (prefect board)
• President of chess club 2005
• Lance Corporal in Saint John Ambulance Malaysia
• First Aid Certificate

haha so i was just contented with this half and i thought to myself that this should be enough to impress employers.NOw i just got to find me some refrees.....hmm who wants to be my referee?haha im guessing that the people reading this blog are in no position to be a

hmm so are we defined by who we are or are we defined by what we do? I'll leave it to you to think about it.If you have any interesting comments on this let me know via e-mail or msn or the tag box on the bottom right hand corner of this blog. Thank you!

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