Saturday, November 04, 2006

for such a time as this

Have u ever wanted a perfect world?a world where we could live in peace and harmony?when kids can be trusted to play freely in parks without supervision....where people will be understanding..helpful.....a world where everything is seemingly perfect...?

Do you not know that we possess such power in us ...a power enough to liberate this world from its pains. do you not know how much energy each of us have?can u imagine if we could harness this energy together....what impact it could have?all it takes is unity and oneness.....look in few years time...there will be no more poverty all because one man went all out to fullfill that mission....
if that is what one man can do....than what more if all of us unite?The only reason why we can never achieve something great is because of distractions.....what are the distractions?u tell me....

Its a wonder how distractions can seem so big at that point of time and seem so pointless the next moment.the earlier u start to identify the distractions...the wiser you are...have u ever wondered why u should be born in the first place?why not just be nothing....never existing?why should u ever exist?isnt it juz a waste of time to live and then just die one day?well the truth is...there was a devine purpose for your birth..your growth....the way you were brought up....for SUCH A TIME AS THIS! THIS IS YOUR TIME TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! the earth is calling out in its pains......Accomplish what you were created for!

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