Sunday, September 30, 2007

the narrow road

Full of excitement and joy i entered.Suddenly there was a rush of wind .Everything changed.I saw from the corner of my eye.there it was,sculpted beautifully . it stood in the middle of the room.It reminded me of things that happened,memories i wish were never history.I remember that I could see it coming to end this way.I tried hard to protect it.I warned.I could see every step that was going to take place but I was powerless to stop it.I felt hopeless.

As I pondered longer I began to reconcile memories of people that have gone through the same path, each took a different turn in life but ended at the same dead end.Oh how true it is ," small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it." oh how easy it is to step out of the easy it is to make a wrong turn...Jesus said, "Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to.

Oh God, I asked for spiritual eyes and I thank you for granting me what I asked for.BUt oh God seeing these things that happened and things that are about to happen just causes my heart to cry out.I'm powerless to stop it.... my heart aches for them.I could see a sea of faces, each one falling off the narrow road due to circumstanced reasons. God ,my heart aches...There is an emptiness in my heart.....and it is for the lost.

Send someone oh God, if it is your will, send me.
I had a dream about you,but I'm shy

Saturday, September 29, 2007


how was conference? are u kidding? it shouldnt even be a question.
i have been to many many many many conferences my entire life....and i dare say this is the best conference ive been too. there may not be a crowd.but it was personal~! and thats wat makes it youth camps...its personal.
This is the 1st time we have 3 foreign speakers and all 3 of them are awesomely awesome.and ive received so much over the past few days.Ive never ever been to a conference which i was able to absorb such an extensive amount.The amount of information,amount of passion..amount of joy, boy....juz love it.
u noe wat, i cant really put to words how i feel right now....haha its just "WOW"....i dunno how to say more than that.....AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH~! 5 mins, im able to get 3 prophecies from 3 different powerful influential speakers...ahhhaha now where can u ever get that....

im not scared of VCE now...=p cuz whatever the result is...GOd will still fulfill his promises somehow.~!

THERE IS MORE TO LIFE~! and you know it!

Friday, September 21, 2007


i should be saddened by my UMAt results... but the funny thing is....I'm NOt~! to be actually having a blast~! hahaha....
WOO~! love life...all the ups and downs....and this is probably the 1st time im enjoying the downside of life....what an irony

Looking at hindsight, i realized the one thing i achieved this year and to be proud the ability to celebrate in the worst moments of life.Gone were the days of depression ...ahahha woo~!
KNow what...i may not have been achieving the goals ive set bUt what i did achieve is something more than that...which is the refining of ones character...

I have grown alot this year and i dont plan to stop here.Remember how Paul in the bible tried every way he could think of to spread the gospel? God just put road blocks along the way to make sure he goes the right way.BUt the important thing here is that he tried. and when someone turn him down..he tried somewhere else.

See, God's will in our life is vague at times.So I find myself trying and trying different areas...and hopefully GOd will put road blocks to show me the right way.To direct me to the course that fulfills the big plan? Im not even sure what im gonna do in uni...

BUt....LIfe's awesome~!

Monday, September 17, 2007




A research was conducted to investigate the wierd and unpredictable nature of a particular species.One research in particular that caught my attention was this individual organism.Report goes as follows:

Species : HOMO-sapien
Name : Sean
Born : 13 June 1988
Sex : Male not yet
Religion : none
Lifestyle : Christian

Method :

1) several investigations were conducted and characteristics were spied upon
2)information gathered from friends and family
3)interview conducted to make sure of parallel connections to facts.
4) all data were recorded by tape and written down later


Dota ( online game)
found responding to it very often.
Advantages :He finds joy in making pros look like noobs.
Disadvantages : Time consumption

Advantages : capable of playing with both hands and feet
Disadvantages : often injuries in joints and at times dislocation of bones

Dance (popping)
Advantages : ability to isolate and control individual muscles in most of the upper body
Disadvantages : makes a retard look good

Chess (board game)
Advantages :-a source of confidence through winning competitions
- gains and expands logical reasoning
Disadvantages : Nerd

Advantages : Sets high standards
Disadvantages : always found disappointed with results

Advantages : relatively good command of english
Disadvantages : Spelling

Advantages :- ability to adapt to any environment
- ability to sleep on any surface (hard or soft)
- ability to eat a large variety of food
-sensitive to situations and customs
Disadvantages :Multiple personalities

Advantages : sound knowledge of the bible
Disadvantages :none -*the disadvantages becomes God's advantage

Discussion :

Results are inconclusive and are subject to a certain period of time.Results and response may alter over time. HOMO-sapiens are prone to change in characteristics due to experiences and randomness.Male HOMO-sapiens as studied above are more predictable in comparison to females.As females tend to contain more random responses and are highly unpredictable.Legend has it that females were once predictable but the thought of it will remain a fantasy to many.

Conclusion :

Subject seemed to respond well and results are accurate to date of report.It is however subjected to change over time.Any errors in report should be reported to the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Send me

As I open up my eyes just to realise,
A world neglected and often despised,
I see people running up and down a road,
Not having a slightest clue which way to go,

I see frustration and hopelessness in their eyes,
every now and then a child within them cries,
They cry out for help but to no avail,
Nobody cares about the weak and frail.

There must be someone who can help them,
There must be someone who can free them,
why are people not answering their cries?
Why do others give excuses and lies?

While Some choose to remain in their comfort zone,
And Some choose to cry out to God and moan,
But here I cry out loud for You to use me,
To make a difference here i am, send me.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Life is a roller coaster..youve just got to ride it.
give me a sign for me to make the 1st move
Amazing how life goes through ups and downs..
Amazing how we lose hope when we are at the bottom
Amazing how we neglect the people who needs help when we are at the top
Amazing how we would rather not be involve with other people's lives as things might complicate
Amazing how God would die for us and yet we are afraid to die for him
Amazing how God would help the tree grow knowing it would be the cross his Son would be nailed.
Amazing how some would compromise the Word to suit them
Amazing how i could fall in love but afraid to admit it, afraid of rejection
Amazing, amazing..

Friday, September 07, 2007


I went to bed last night pondering on my Christian walk.I havent been moving forward lately. all i have done is maintained myself from where i was.I needed to keep on moving and i knew studies had been the main distracting factor.I prayed a prayer "GOd bring me closer". and i slept.

Woke up at 5am..had to be in school for a SAC at 7.30.I was driving in the wee hours of the morning.After exiting the garage, i drove for 1km and all of a sudden the radio was not working.There was no cd or tapes.It was silence.I tried fumbling around with the radio..this is wierd.It never happenned before.The time shown on the radio was was still on..even the channel showed 101.9.but no sound was coming out.As far as my knowledge of electrical components was concerned...there was no way i could explain this.

Then i thought about it that moment.I smiled."hi God...its been awhile" was my reply.I recognised that instant that God was trying to speak to me.It was great..i poured my hearts was refreshing.THe next moment, words just started flowing out of my mouth, before i realised what was happening, i was singing a song...a song ive never heard of.NOw i know what it meant in the bible when it says "out of the innermost belly the mouth speaks".I found myself singing praises...singing new songs....just ...just amazing.

I reached school all refreshed. thats not the end of it.After school, i got into my car..started the engine and the radio was working again.Coincidence? i think not!

Thank you God.I needed that.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


GOing through 19 years of life, i have learned that the worst relationship to be in is when u run out of words to say.

sometimes feelings are not meant to be told but to be kept because it changes everything..everything...maybe some things just arent meant to be and some should just be kept silent until time kills it permanently... and life moves on.

You cant admit...u cant because everything goes wrong.THings are good where they are...but i want better.When suddenly the Want and the need starts to mariginalise themselves ...u become ignorant of what is not needed.

to cage this feeling is not easy.locks of patience and a cement of self control is