Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fathers Day

I found that amusing..ahha

Something i realized.... if i fall sick and dont work out for7 days in a row, my abs would just disappear!! Its Amazing at how long u take for it to get there...and how fast it could just disappear. It is not as permanent as Biceps. biceps stay there regardless. lol

Father's day is approaching.... Wonder how it feels like to be a father watching your own child grow. Wonder how it feels like to see your own child fail/succeed in life. Wonder how much it would hurt a father to see his child humbled by life. Wonder how much more pressure a father would feel to have his child do well in their studies.Wonder how it would feel like if your child does not return home from scholl and theres no way of cantacting him/her. Wonder what it feels like to nurture your own child your whole life and let him/her go approaching adulthood. Wonder what it feels like to be a dad.....

Do i blame dad's for nagging,disciplining and putting pressure on kids? I dont think I will. As much as I hate it as a child, I would probably end up doing the same thing. I guess as a child you wouldnt understand how a dad would feel until you become one.
May all dad's have a blessed fathers day this Sunday! =)

Happy Fathers day!(in advance)