Monday, October 30, 2006

Folding shirts

Here are 2 ways u can fold a shirt easily.....for all u lazy people...hahaha

2 new web browsers

wow....firefox 2 is out...juz 4 days ago.....also just after internet explorer 7 is out....i downloaded both and man...both are equally awesome...internet explorer improved alot with their security....for the next few days im switching to internet explorer to see how good it is...firefox is equally awesome....but yea i juz realised how different they were when i visited my blog on both browsers...

Firefox = no music
Internet explorer = cant use tagboard and doesnt show my profile...

will be fixing it soon anyway both ie7 and firefox2 have the same options...both have tab browsing...add-ons...bla bla bla

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jesus freak

Listen to the words....
and enjoy...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The legendary mr.bean(the 2 top videos i found)

Fatal beatings

Dating tips

Another day.... i would say it was not a normal day nor was it a special day.Year 12's are gone....we got more courts to play durin lunch....the school seems quieter..and teachers are more could almost sense a sigh of relief coming from them.

SO today i woke up with my radio alarm going "...A mother was upset having breastfeed the wrong baby after the midwife had put the wrong newborn baby in her arms.The hospital expresses its regrets......" Lol....ok so i had an unusual news to wake me up.......which was hilarious coming to think of it..hahaha wonder if the hospital will get sued for it.haha

Everything went about as usual except for the scorching heat....31 degrees.I admit i slept twice in school just cant help it with the heat so strong and the environment just makes you sleepy.......i prefer winter than summer....and its not even summer yet!omg....the funny thing is houses here dont have fans or air conditioners.....hahah i can see why u dont need them...but today was hot! and guess what aussies say..."what a beautiful day hey"

Oh yea...and yes i did cut my own hair!ent to priceattack to get a pair of thinning scissors.I cant see how it looks from the back...but from the front...its oright.....hahah my hair is black again after trimming off the blonde.....except for my fringe with some blonde left...

Monday, October 23, 2006

Dont be a fool!

It perplexes the very thoughts of human's inteligence.Creating a world of no more than a reign of pure evil.With people delusionised by the moral standards that humans have try to set, it is no wonder that a world where chaos and evil reign supreme.Is it even possible for a human to say what is good and what is bad?is it possible for one to know what is evil and what is pure without anyone telling them in the first place? The rational mind of one speaks forth the rational mind of God.For it takes one to set a standard and others to follow.Different people have different ideas.DIfferent people have different principles. But one cannot derive it by just FEELING that it is good or bad but must be able to KNOW what is good or bad.

THe very fact of the existence of God , the one who devided the calendar in two(B.C. and A.D.), the reference point of everyone's existence,and the very fact there is something worth of living had set apart rules which were used throughout history by countries that are newly build, organisations and not forgetting the churches.But why has the marginal line between good and evil non-existent in our society? the very margin of good and evil is the bible itself.FOr wiith it and through it there is no justification for evil.Thus i have found the very sin that is amogst the younger generation today.THese problems were never done or even thought of by the older generations.

1) gay relationships. How could such an era be supportive of gays or even the existance of gay churches.The very fact sodom and gemorah was destroyed by God was because of Gay relationships.The very fact Leveticus 18:22 states that there should be no gay relationships states its importance and significance for itself.I dont see any point of such relationships and i dont see how a church for gays can even be started.Yes, we should accept all kinds of people to the kingdom of God...BUT TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS! NOT IMPOSING AN "OK" to others!turn! repent! how blind can one be?is not the blindfold of evil worst than the blindfold of darkness?In darkness noone can see your foolishness but having the blindfold of evil just lets others see how foolish they are! A misrepresentation of GOd is simply a blesphemy!

2)Cutting oneself. I have asked people who cut themselves this question. "WHY!?!?!" enjoying the pain an excitement of cutting the hand?Like it was said, the blindfold of evil exposes their foolishness to those whose eyes are opened.Many , in fact all said it felt good to do it.This goes as well for tattoos. does it make one look tough?or sexy? or even cool?how delusionised can you be? Realise that the coolest people or toughest people on earth or in your minds right now do not have is juz something or someone playing with your thoughts telling you what it isnt in reality...its about time...wake up! Leviticus 19:28 says do not cut your bodies or put tattoo marks on yourself.

Conclusion = dont make a fool of yourself!

Friday, October 20, 2006


the mental state of which i cannot go on further.perplexed by the pressure and stress.No, my brain cannot take it.I need rest, a place of peace and relaxation,a place of solitary joy.In the darkness, the wind brushes my face...overwhelming me with the multitudes of stars twinkling in another time and space.Yes, the beauty of creation was sufficient.sufficient to undermine the stress of the world, to spectate the wonderous marvelous piece of art....To breathe in the chill of the air right into my lungs...the restoration nature holds within itself...
yes rest...away from the world...away from sapiens who are destroying the earth by the hour..bombs...chaos..pollution...still a place such as this exist in the midst of all these.Let not anyone annihilate the treasure nature holds...the energy it posses ...the very calmness it bringth...
through the creativity and brilliance of an omnipotent omnipresent and omnicience God, i find peace and restoration.....

Monday, October 09, 2006


Sometimes i wish and wish,
for an eternal bliss,
where i can live in peace,
with joy that never cease,

I wish and wish again,
for a land without any pain,
where the pastures are green,
and enemies unseen.

If only i could be innocent again,
a little child not knowing pain,
a cradle to rock me by,
and not forgetting a lulluby,

look around and see the world,
a place where war and chaos exist,
and why did that poor little girl,
had to die because of disease?

then why do i long for a place,
a place of perfection and love,
when i know its never real,
finding it im nowhere near.

Why do i cry in pain,
in what way do i gain?
is it not the same old cycle,
where joy and happiness seems unreal.

everything i go through each day,
seems meaningless needless to say,
my reputation my credibility that i build,
will one day be meaningless with guilt,

God help me oh God hear me,
If you are there please answer me,
streghthen me and empower me,
to fulfill your will and be done with this body.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Christians that cant go to heaven?

I dare say that not everyone of us reading this post will enter the kingdom of God.NOt only non-christians but also some christians reading this will not enter the kingdom of God.Scary isnt it?

Jesus said

Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?' 23Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'

What is more scary is that Jesus said even if you were to prophesy or cast out demons or even perform miracles in Jesus would still not fact Jesus would say "I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!". This somehow struck me hard....evil doers? but what did they do to be called that?They even acknowledged that Jesus was lord of their life...because they called Jesus "lord, lord".

BUt the fact is Jesus rebuked them and said that they did not do the father's will.Then i began to ponder isnt healing the sick, casting out demons and all those stuff the father's will?doesnt He want us to help people?It took my trail of thoughts further and further until i started to realise that sometimes we work so hard for God but we missed the point. We missed the point, forgetting the reason why we started serving God in the first place.And its scary because once we forget it, Jesus says "away from me you evil doesrs!"

It is because it is no more of us doing it by God's strength but by our own strength,No more it is our own conviction but for other people's recognition.Jesus clearly said whatever that is done in secret, treasures will be stored in heaven but whatever that is done in public...they have already received what they deserved.

So realising what JEsus said really struck me.That means accepting Jesus as lord and saviour is not enough.Instead we need to prove that we mean it in our heart by our actions.And actions should be reflecting God's glory and also doing the father's will.Note that Jesus life on earth was only for one purpose and one purpose only, to do the Father's will!

As christians,we should be immitators of christ.And do the father's will.Not to be in so many ministries just for the fun of it but know what you are suppose to do on earth.How do we know what to do?Pray! prayer is like a lamp.You may not be sure what is ahead but it leads u each step of the way.What lies far ahead may still be blur and dark, but the lamp helps you to make the next step...and the next step...and the next step...

Monday, October 02, 2006


i have so much to write, being absent for one week. its all penned down but i guess i would have to halt all those post for this special one.

The first time i came down to melbourne i could remember going out to a malaysian shop for food. I remember chatting with pas. Teoh and one thing he told me was to guard my heart at all times.He told me that there are many influences here but I should guard myheart at mind at all times at all cost.

Then i remember going out fishing...which is the first time i ever fished.and how we laugh about wherever pas. teoh is the fishes run away....hahah..i also recall instances when i would greet him in church and to see that ever ceasing smile....

All i can say is he has finished his race.He has fulfilled his will here on earth.His life was nothing short of a sucess.The family itself shows forth how sucessfull in his life as a father he was.Having all the children serving God is something everyone struggle with but he led with example.Through servanthood, he leads.....

Everyone thinks it wasnt time yet but time wasnt in our hands since the beginning of life.No one can control time...only God.Only he was able to stop the sun from going down while the isrealites were fighting.God's ways are higher than our ways.The most important thing in life then is not worrying about when would we leave this earth but rather "are we ready to meet God?".

A life worth reflecting on....a life reflecting Christ...
May you rest in peace