Thursday, August 31, 2006

VCE subjects next year

Fiddling with my calculator when a voice called out "Sean!".Oh great its my turn now.I wonder what i got for the last test.WHo cares anyway I am dropping it next year.I started recalling my preperation for the bio test.I did nothing to prepare for it.All i did was go to scholl and sit for my test.I began my walk up to the front where the teacher was busy recording the marks into her record book."yes miss?" I said. Then she whispers " you got 82% for your first test and 86 % for your outcome." "oh" i replied with my eyebrows up.In my mind i thought is bio that easy? or did the teacher make a mistake marking it?surely it is a mistake.I did not study for it. Then she ask "so, youre doing bio next year?" "no? why?" "oh youre better at maths?""i see.." .

In my mind i was just thinking why i chose the subjects i chose. I chose it because i don like studying.and i chose math becuz i dun need to study them...hmmm its good and bad depending how u look at it.

ESL(english as second language),
math specialist(higher level of math),
math methods(like addmath in msia)
Physics (also got to do with counting)
chem ( the only subject i needed studying)

We call it the asian 5 subjects.I must admit it is asian.BUt why is it asian?It is becuz asian parents want their children to be engineers,businessman,doctors or lawyers.Typical asian parents who just want prestige and fame to be brought into their family.Asian families is all about bringing honour to your sur name.

so what do i want to do in the future?i dont know.I'll leave it to God to determine my result. I dont want to walk in my own will.Not my will but YOURS be done.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Rectifying last sunday's

To start off, last sunday evening , the sermon wasnt right at all. Or should i even call it a sermon?besides the scripture romans 12:2 not relating to the topic,
HEre are my points.

No.1 We are not gods

Its funny that christianity is against any other gods and here is someone trying to promote us as gods.The only God there is is the only one who lives forever more.the defination of god is simply one who is worshiped.And no! we are not to be worshiped at.Even Paul rebuked when people tried to worship himWe are not to be rulers but instead servants.And through this servanthood we become leaders.It is until we humble ourselves only will God use us to impact others.One example is the life of Jesus.He did not come to this earth to rule but to serve and through his servanthood, he led the wrold.

No.2 We are not "as good as people get to experince God"

You know if i am as good as people get to experince God, i dont think anyone wanna be a christian anymore.ahha WE ALL fall short of the glory of God there is no way I am even close to what God is.If we become christians because our friends are christians, when persecution comes, chances is that you will give up your faith easily.But if you experience God, the REAL experience, the REAL thing, no way would you let go of such faith even if a gun is pointed at you.Knowing the real God and experiencing it is just a feeling no words can describe.THere are even people who accepted christ without even being witnessed by people.Jesus appeared to some of them ,mind you that they are people who are in remote areas and never heard the name JEsus before.But Jesus appeared in front of them and they became christians! My point is we are not as good as people get to experince God because Jesus can intervene even without our help.We are juz priveledged to be able to be used by HIm.It is a priveledge!

No.3 Prayer meeting is important

People say that praying one minute a day is good enough and when u add all the numbers will look good statistically.BUt hey prayer is not about making up the numbers, it is about your own spiritual dont add someone elses prayer time to yours!It doesnt work! You cant just say to your friend "hey dude u pray 2 mins today...i pray 3 mins...then we make 5 mins"...gosh....prayer shouldnt even be added up because it is a PERSONAL encounter with God.
That is why prayer meeting is so so so important.The power of corperate prayer!When two or three are gathered in HIs just wont believe what can happen....This year alone so many miracles happen just simply by sacrificing a wednesday for God. Little niki is one example how God spared her life.

No.4 Not a task list but a discipline

Whatever we do in our christian walk, our devotions, prayer life, worship is never a task list that we tick. It is simply a service to God out of love. Doing all this does not make u a better christian but your attitude towards this makes the whole difference. It just simply boils down to how much we really want to know God.Because if we love god with all our strength heart mind and soul....all of these will just fall into place!We no more need to force ourselves to do these but you would WANT to do it. That is why that was the most important commandment Jesus said.Love God with all your heart.

NOw some people say that God loves you no matter what you do.Yes it is true but the fact still remains that GOd loves you but not your sins.You cant just go around saying oh....God will understand why i did that....He will forgive...His love is unconditional no matter what....You are just missing the point!Ok let me provide an analogy..

A father loves his son.His son steals his friend's pencil box.The father finds out and punishes him.But the father's love for his son was no less before the incident.HIs father still love him the same.The same goes with our heavenly father.Sometimes we sin and he punishes us.Yes he still loves us and because he does love us...we get punished so that we will be a better person.

I believe that you have more or less got the point.So we cant say that "oh if i dont pray and go to church..maybe skip this and that...God will still love me....anyway he wont love me more if i did those things becuz he loves me unconditionally".Well believe it or not that those people who are in hell were loved by God too....but because they did not love God back so there was only a one way relationship.And we should all know that one way relationship isnt a relationship at all! And without a relationship...hey who is God to you?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Laying down everything

Well how can i start this post...hmmm trying to gether my thoughts this very moment as i am typing this..Lets start with a dream being fullfilled today.

For those of who who are not aware, we are leaving in the end times where God said in acts 2:17

"In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams."

You people have no idea how true this verse is today,how true it is that this verse is coming alive right this very moment.On the 11th of July i woke up with a vision.It was "22:11". I have no idea what it meant and thought it was silly to have it stuck in my head for so long.Nevertheless i wrote it down in my diary because I believe vision and dreams are never a coincidence. So what i did was i jotted it down in my entry and this is what i said

"11/7/06 (dream/vision) 22:11 (dunno what it means...22 november maybe?)"
So then one month has passed and last friday 25th august God literally showed me visions and this time with emotions.It was an experience i never felt before and then it prompted me to search the bible for 22:11 because God told me it is a verse in the bible.(Note that i had no idea it was a verse, all along i thought it was a date or something random.)

So i searched the bible and found 1 chronicles 22:11 which says "Now, my son, the LORD be with you, and may you have success and build the house of the LORD your God, as he said you would". And i was like whoah..... It all now made sense...

My dad had been going thru a hard time in church and when this verse was revealed to me out of nowhere,it was simply a confirmation for my dad's work here.I shared this with him which did encourage him alot.God was litterally telling him that He is with him and he will have sucess and build the house of GOd juz as he said he would. the timing and everything was juz too perfect for coincidence.

The vision was given 1 month earlier before the problem arose.God certainly is taking the steering wheel of my life now.Right now i am in gear 4 and i am on a roll with God.My faith just shot up the moment i laid everything down before pride,guilt,hurts, even my joy and happiness ....i would trade everything just to be in God's will.Even if it means sacrificing my peace, joy or even church activities and responsibilities.

Sometimes people equate laying down everything is about laying down your burdens and all.BUt i am here to tell you what everything means, unless your english teacher has done that job for me, but for those who are not sure, everything means all! Are you willing to sacrfice even your knowledge of God?Are you willing to learn something new?take a new ride. Have you got enough of living the "christian-life" everybody is living with?I dont know about you, but i want more!

Oh, how i pray for the day that you will capture this same passion and desire.Your life wont be the same again as you prophesy and capture visions and dream dreams, oh how i pray for that day to come.It is great to hear this but i want you to experience it.. I juz ask of you juz to lay down everything before God, come to Him from scratch.Dont come to him with all your "christian values" or your "knowledge of God" or even your "ministries"....i urge you to come to God from transparent as you are...and lay everything down.Then will i assure you that God will empower you and teach you things you never realised. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

When you look down at you path and walk, you are depending on yourself and making sure you make the right steps.If you are following someone from behind, you are following his steps.But God says look UP to him and walk.Then suddenly you wont know what steps you are taking and you are totally dependant on God's guidance.Because if you walk with ur heads looking up, you wont know what you might step on/into.That is when your total dependancy is on God.So look up towards God this day and trust HIM

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I am now at the age where prophecies are coming to past.Prophecies spoken of are coming to reality even right at this very moment.I can be here naming all the prophecies but all i can say is it took me 18 years to come out with 2 prophecies which in both cases came to past within a matter of two weeks. I wonder when the next prophecy will come......

I begin to look at the bible and Paul said in corinthians that between speaking in tongues and prophecy...choose prophecy.It is in 1 corinthians 14 by the way.I always treasure prophecies alot because it just shows how personal God is and how real He is.
BUt on the other hand there is a group of people who prophesies, not from God but from his own conscience. This however is a blasphemy.Because prophecies are so precious and we should not be telling someone what God says but in actual fact is just what we felt.

How to distinguish a real prophecy from a fake one? Prophecies are specific.They are not general.And it also shouldnt be used in vain.Some people struggle to distinguish their own feelings/thoughts with God's instruction/communication.Sometimes God speaks and we think it is us speaking to ourselves.Sometimes it is the other way round.I used to struggle with this until i realise how easy it was to hear God's how do we distinguish it?

ok picture this, u call your friend up and your friend sounds totally different on the phone.The next time u call him/her u still had to say "may i speak to ____" becuz ur not sure who is on the other side.But after a year of speaking to him/her everyday, the next time u dial that number, u will recognise the voice to be his or hers right away. my point?well during the first few steps with God, you may not distinguish his voice.BUt through constant communication, slowly yet surely you would know who God would recognise it. And when the trumpet sounds on the day of ressurection,be sure u recognise His voice if not u will not be awaken..

So how else can we communicate with God other than prayer?No other way!It is through prayer you recognise God's voice.BUt if you say you have been a 10 yr christian and still dont know God's voice, you know what?one question i would ask is how far is your prayer life?what level have you brought it to?One thing is for sure, I enjoy talking to God.I receive revelations after revelations, sometimes dreams and sometimes visions.If only all of us live a prayerful life,if only....

Just the other day, God showed me this revelation.I wouldnt elaborate it becuz it simply speaks for itself..

Popularity is defined by the numbers of Sunday service
Faith is defined by the numbers of the prayer meeting.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Talented but useless

Life.The state in which we are in while we are reading this.Like it or not, life is something we all possess.What we do with it is what counts. It is like the brain.We wont be rewarded for having it, but for USING it.

So today i was in history class when the teacher went round asking if they are taking up history next year...some said yes and some said no..the teacher just went..."oh".....then when she came to my turn...i said "no".she stood for a moment and stared at me as if i was a ghost or something.she took one long gasp and everyone in class turned to me. lnot turning my head, my eye balls started looking left and right, having an awkward feeling. she asked with a bewildered face "whyy?". I know it must hv been hard for her as i hv been getting A and A+..not that i wanted was just God's blessing.So i replied "erm...cuz im doin physics,chemistry,specialist,methods and...." "a language!",she said."erm yea..." i said with an apologetic look.Then she gave the oh-wells-what-can-i-do look and said in a whisper "smart boy" before moving to the next person.

Then came lunch time when we played soccer...and i scored another bicycle kick goal. For those people who dont know what a bicycle kick is, here is your 1st football lesson, watch this video to find out what a bicycle kick is.

I love doing this cuz its acrobatic and not many people can do it...ahhaah and its nice to watch too.

Suddenly i recalled how i got myself into acrobatics.hahah i was in the school gymnastic team at one point.that was during primary school. I remembered doing lots of cartwheels,head stands and flipping.haha Then i remembered how my dad once told me "how can u be a gymnast and footballer at the same time?" I guess that was part of the reason why i had to choose football instead of gymnastics.Well i never did regret that decision.haha but hey, i have learned how to intergrate soccer and acrobatics...

Sometimes i do wonder why i am blessed with so many talents yet i am not gratefull as i should be.What can i do with all these talents?What can i do? Sometimes i feel so usefull yet useless.It is one of those ironies that i have lived with.I always wanted to channel my talents to change the world.But little did i know that these talents are just nothing without God.It is God that is the one my hope should depend wonder all this while i was not contented.No wonder i never felt usefull.It was becuz i placed my hope on talents i have and not on the one who blessed me with it.

God, I am sorry for being blinded all this while, help me.I wish and hope for you to use me to change the world.But before that use me to change my country.BUt before you change my country, first change my city.Before you change my city, first change my church.Before you change my church,first change my family,before you change my family, change me oh God, change my heart...Then only will I change my family,then my church, then my city,then my country and then the world.....

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Science vs God

There are just so many things on my mind now.Sometimes i just wish everyone would be able to think the way i think,to see the way i see...i just wish that everyone was like me. I mean...sometimes we do wish that everyone would understand you, but no, we dont live in an ideal world.No one is perfect, just no i said before, it is just a wish that you know would never come true.An ideal world is a world where everyone is nice to you.but the reality is, the same person that is nice can one day turn their backs on you or even backstab you.No one behaves the way you want them too...becuz they too want you to behave the way they want you to. Its just a world of confusion and chaos.

I have been a science student for 3 years now.And one thing i realise is that no matter how science tries to explain certain aspects of life, it is just always a theory, a guess. It is never ever accurate. It is after all a theory not a fact.
I remember Galileo, the guy who said the planets revolve around the sun.Guess what, the church did not agree with him and had him thrown to isolation by the judge.This was becuz the church said it was blibically incorrect and thought everything revolves around the earth.Well first of all the bible did not say anything about that but the church used the bible/God's word in vain.They used it for their own purposes, for their own opinions.

This has then prompted me to think about the modern day society.Science in the modern world have all their knowledge based on theories.Like i said, theories are not facts or laws.It is just a theory.Ok lets start with this.This is how the scientist bible goes...

In the beginning there was a gas in space.Then suddenly there was a big explosion and all the rocks became stars and planets.Then life forms(ameoba) start going through evolution grew throgh meiosis and mitosis to the extend of becoming as big as dinosaurs.

I wouldnt go on further because this sounds silly itself.They try to dissapprove God's existance by coming out a theory like this...You know, one question i would ask is...who created the gas in the first place?They dont believe in a miraculous living God but from what i can say from their theory is that it takes a greater miracle for that to happen.

I have strong arguments on why evolution is not real.If ever someone argues with me about evolution, i'll make sure he picked the wrong guy. hahah One of the most contradictory thing in evolutionary-believers is when u ask them if their ancestors were monkeys, they hesitate to answer it.why? becuz if they say no...they are contradicting themselves....if they say yes....haha i'll juz say no wonder you look like one.hahaahah nah.....juz kidding...thats tight.ahhah i wonder if Michael Jackson will one day be a "proof" for evolution..ahhaha..he is more of going through the opposite way...from man to
Arguments why evolution is not real?Probably will share another day.But in this modern soceity, nobody believes that crap anyway.It is only those people who holds science as a religion...nerds.hahaha

Like i said, science is all about approximation.It is never accurate.even when they use carbon-12 to identify the age of certain archeological work,it is also an approximation. They assume that the half life of carbon is decaying at a constant is only an asumption.And that is as close as they can get.Everything in science is theories.

Even the planets in the solar system it is 12.As you can see, these are 3 new planets in the solar system.This would be added in the text books sooner or later.Nothing is ever constant, nothing is ever accurate.Believe it or not, the earth's moon is moving 1.5 inches away from the earth every year.That is why BBC has reported saying that the moon will soon be one planet by itself.

So why do we believe so much in science and yet doubt the word of God? why do we believe in something that is only theoretical rather than a fact? God's word has been proven through out the years.Even science has it facts changed as the years go by.But God's word has always been the same yesterday today and forever.Heaven and earth may pass away but God's word will still remain. When people hear of science facts, or even read the newspaper, they would just accept what have been stated.Why is it then when we read God's word we question God?Why? Which is more reliable?You decide.

Friday, August 18, 2006


ok...this is going to be interesting.I was thinkin about gay.hahah no...don raise your eyebrows so high just yet.hahah suddenly i got a revelation....hahah which is funny...i will share it soon...

but first lets talk gay business..hmmm marriages has always been between a man and a woman.Why do people suddenly have gay marriages and stuff? The 1st time gay was introduced in the bible was during Lot's stay at Sodom and gemorah. it is in Genesis if you are in terested in reading it.And we all know what happened to it.....because of that....the whole city was destroyed.

Then what about a guy who comes up and say "hey i dunno man....but i kinda love that guy".YOu know what? I am here to tell you it is not wrong!even David loved jonathan more than any other the bible carefully. But you know what ...that was what brotherly love should be.It should be felt intimately....and in 1 John 3:16 it goes to the extend of dying for your own brother.Hey ...thats the love Jesus has been talking all the while. BUt the moment u misunderstand or misinterpret that love to be one of marriage and sexuality...that is sin.

You see....pure love does not involve a sexual love.because that is just temperamental. Pure love, unconditional love derives from our heart itself.Everyone, be it a murderer or your enemy....everyone is capable of loving.Everyone may not have similarities...different talents, different capabilities, but guess what! everyone is capable of loving.Everyone wants to be loved.

So if you hear a person say"i am gay, i cant help it, God made me this way"...just tell that person it is not true, it is just a battle of the mind. It may be hard to overcome it themselves but with God,ahha hey my God 1st man,...for through him all things are possible.

And then you begin to wonder, if now we have Gay and lesbians, what about in years to come?imagine people marrying animals just becuz they feel for them.....or even marrying toys...ahha hey im not joking about this.In taiwan, a guy actually married a barbie doll! hahah no im not lying get the full news at click here for full news

what has the world come to man......*rolls my eyes up*

And lastly the revelation i received why God did not intend gays or lesbians or whatsoever "special marriages" to exist is because.....drum rolls..........THE PARTS DONT FIT!! and there is a purpose why it doesnt fit! so get real....

haha...have a nice day!

yours truly annoying,

Monday, August 14, 2006


As u can all see.....i have been trying to improve the blog layout.Any comments please feel free to tag the board.

Hmmm so the topic of the day is dance.HOw did i ever get myself involve with dancing?I remember being a lil kid and i was on stage dancing my hearts out.I wouldnt know what style of dance that was but it was one of those dances that little kids performed in groups.Haha like shake ur hands in the air ,wiggle your waist....shake your head...hahaha cutiezzz...i dunno if any of u ever did that before but if you ever did the hokey pokey dance....then you know what i mean....hahha

So then i turned 11 and i ws brought in the creative arts to learn flag dance.Our church was popular for that dance.We did take it to another new level when we started throwing flags all over the place...ahahhaha somehwat juggling act ...haha but it required alot of energy as our flag was made of steel rod....1st few days of learning ,fingers are bound to get blisters....but it is really a majestic dance.....full of energy,skill,etc. sadly Australia havent seen any of the flag dances before.....sad but hoping to get hold of a flag ....soon...So i played flag until last it.

So then at about 12 i was brought into this hip hop dance team...i was the youngest....the others were like older than 17.So dancing to me was juz imitating what the person does....later did i realise that it was a skill itself to then i performed in Negeri Sembilan and Pahang at that age.hmmm what stunts did i do at that age....let me think...the worm,v-kick front flip,a few freezes ...hahah yea...learned these when i was 12&13 yrs old.

Then later we did a performance in city square...i think i was 16 years old....yea....we did this dance in the busiest shopping mall in square!!!!!!!!!!aha thats where chez's uncle's levis shop is.....hahah i bought my jeans from there tho.I managed to get a clip of the dance...but the sound and pictures doesnt mix at certain points.sometimes the sound is faster than the video.hahaha anyway....

I am the one on your extreme right.

So then after that we performed at HUGE camp....which i did a perfect backflip...ahhah......altho the video showed i did hit my head a so it wasnt that perfect...but the camp performance was better...we had more dancers...
Then later we went for a mission trip to Sarawak....and what do u noe...we did the same dance...we did not prepare for it tho so it was really bad...

After realising how bad my moonwalk was....which diddnt actually look like a moonwalk...i went back and practiced it....the outcome of practice?strong legs and...

sadly i never got to use my moonwalk for the dance becuz right after i learned was my major exam..SPM...and after SPM...had to fly over to Australia...
BUt over here im learning a different kind of dance...a whole new its just a matter of getting used to...

Last month i took another step into the dancing world by doing ballroom....hahah what can i was fun,.....ahha

Till then...

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Friends.Are friends people we see often or are friends people we talk to?Is everyone a friend?What defines a friend to be a firend?MOst people would regard friends as people they had talk to before.Some even devide friends into different groups, such as best friend, good friend, just friend, or maybe enemies. So do we treat different groups differently? What about Jesus sayin about the good samaritan?about loving your enemies?

I dont remember Jesus having special groups of friends.he treated them all the same,all equally.He was close to the disciples, teaching them but yet he still treats the people with equal respect.I realise that people tend to make effort to make friends only when it benefits them.

If just say u are in a room.On your right is a table .sitting there are rich people and politicians.On your left u caught a glimpse of a begger sitting down, tryin to get some attention, some pity,hopefully a penny or two.What will u do?who will you rather talk to?who would u rather make a long term friendship? No, dont answer me on the basis of what you should do.but rather answer yourself what would you do if u were in that situation?answer yourself honestly.Seriously take a moment....and think about it before moving on...

Isnt it obvious that most of us have in a way judged certain groups of people?sometimes we see beggars as lazy people,not wanting to take effort to work.I believe it is true to a certain extend.why? because God also did place them there to see how you would react to it! Or has it never crossed your mind before.We say we do not judge others but our actions and lifestyle have already done that job for us.

God could have eliminated poverty.but why diddnt he?Jesus said that "the poor you will always have" in Matthew.Why? because if you read further when Jesus talked about the day of judgement, u realise why that God will ask " have u fed me when I was hungry?have u clothe me when i needed clothes?" Then u will ask "when did You ever needed clothes?when were You ever hungry?" Then God will say "the least You do unto them, you do unto me".

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mission conference day2

What a great job the creative arts team did.SALVATION!
Creative arts has many sub groups such as dance,media,drama etc.BUt this was done by the interior design group.well done!Thos my camera couldnt show the shadow effects,it still looks great on the stage.Human size letters..hahah

Today was really great as different missionaries were sharing their experiences and how they realise how mission is so important.and guess what, they were saying the same things as i have posted on this blog, the same message that convicted me, it was the same thing they said up there that has always been on my previous posts.It is simply a confirmation to me.It is great to know people who share the same perspective.

you know, if a person does not realise he is sick, he wont go to the doctor am i right?obviously yes.but the thing is people nowadays dont know how "sick" or corrupted the country is.People just fail to see the poverty, fail to see the needs.They do not realise the need thats why the dont go to the "doctor".The doctor in this case is of course God.The thing is they defend themselves but it is of no use.because one day, the sickness will just get worst and worst.It is untill we realise the need,it is untill then only will we realise how important God is.It is through the darkness will the light be shone.but if u try to cover up things and not realise the darkness prevailing, how then can u see the importance of light.

It was also interesting when the bible said about people who have lived in darkness all their life do not like the light.They prefer the darkness because they are born of sin.The light however reveals all truth which is why some people cannot take it.BUt for those who accepts it and believes it, they will be set free.This was never so real to me until lately.I realise how people have eyes but do not see, have ears but do not hear.

It was amazing too when i saw the video of muslim converts.They do all their rituals the same just that instead of the quran on the floor,they have the bible.and they have the arabic sound for the verse cool....cross-cultural missions!

it also talked about how some churches do mission trips to another christian comunity..haha it sounds wierd but hey it is not wrong.but what about those who never heard the gospel before?the 10 40 window.what about them?....what about them?


I still believe on the fact that all people are made equal.And all should be treated matter what race or what background.Some people say im "dillusional" but i guess i have my stand that we are to treat each one the same way we treat ourselves.Matthew 22:39 says love your neighbour as yourself. one shoudnt be treated greater than another.For the least u do unto them is what u do to HIM.

I juz got back from a mission conference.And we all found this a fact.People who has been to mission trips to 3rd world countries or interriors tend to be more matured and have a different perspective of the things around them.People who have never been to these places tend to have a narrow mindset of what the world really is.Because exposure to the poverty of the world is an awakening thing.83% of the World's poverty were never reported.

But the thing is the perspective of people nowadays are just so narrow.imagine a boy from africa who has lived in poverty his whole life.He wouldnt pity himself.why? because that has been his life all this while.but as for us who have the luxury of being pampered in our comfort zone, we pity them because they live a poorer life comparitively to us.But for the boy, he doesnt know anything about poverty because that has been his life all this while.

what i am trying to say?People are now so accustomed to the riches of this world that they neglect the purpose of living on this earth.It is simply because they were not exposed to the needs around them.Exposure wasnt there.Its a sad but true situation.People are more interested in persuing their career ,having a good life but neglect the needs around them.

But first we need to equipt ourselves.I like what pas. tim goh said that day.We tolerate instead of love. it is so true in our society now.we tolerate each other instead of loving.his sermon was simply awesome.He also said that people nowadays lost the Hunger of knowing much do u know God besides Him being the God of love and coming to die for our sins?how much more than that do we know?

i remember saying this,so i would just quote myself again...

"HOw can we love without knowing HIM?How can we Know Him without reading the word?"

"It is just impossible to love someone without knowing that person.ANd how else can u know God but throught the bible?"

So what i am currently doing?since words must be accompanied with action, i shall then say what i have been doing thus far.First, it was amazing at camp. it was a turning point of my spiritul life.or should i say taking a giant leap.Since then, God has shown me visions and dreams followed by confirmations after confirmations.It was as if there were scales on my eyes before and now i see everything in a new perspective.I always lived a life that i knew God was there but never did i have such intimate moments.I studied the word of God thoroughly and have made my stand on where the bible stands.

Recently i became a helper for a christian radio station.Since then i have been actively following up on non-christians and building my network of friends.Evangelising to them slowly.It has been a real blessing to be able to be used by God.Besides that i have been actively involve in creative arts ministry which evangelises through dance and drama.

So i challenge u today to open your eyes and remove the scales in your eyes to look at things in a new perspective.From God's perspective.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Who stole the cookie?

haha this one was introduced by ali
and u have to admit the kids are cute...especially the dancer when he said "more energy!" reminds me of suz...ahhaha always sayin that
wait a minute....why am i so into kids....hmmmmm

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

2year old breakdancer

NOw just for entertainment.....i reckon this is the best video on youtube ever!
seriously...u cant help but to love this kid.... a 2 yearold breakdancer!

Monday, August 07, 2006

How to be perfect

Well what do you know...i added a feature on this search!!! haha now all u need to do is type the chapter and verse in and tada! u got the verse out...

today something got my attention.It was the fact that Jesus said "Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect". But how can we be perfect if we are never meant to be perfect?HOw are we to be righteous and not sin in this world?is it ever possible? NO? yes? how? so many questions but so little answers.

Then u may say "certain things in the bible are not meant to be understood".Hey whoever said this?arent then we believing things blindly?NO way!I for one believe the bible especially when it says he sent the Holy Spirit down to teach us and guide us.Things we dont understand, things that our mind cant perceive will be taught by the greatest teacher of all...the Holy Spirit.Yes, it is He who has been revealing things to me,teaching me,guiding me to obtain the knowledge that i have today.

So what does it mean to be perfect?what does it been to be righteous and walk blamelessly?It simply means that God becomes the standard of comparison . All of us can learn to better by reflecting God's character.At the same time, God promises us power to overcome any given temptation. And if we can overcome any temptation, we should choose to say no to every temptation. And as long as God represents the moral standard, none of us have room to boast.yes, no one can boast of ourselves because as the bible says, we all fall short of the glory of God. I dont really have to quote that scripture as we all already know that we fall short of perfection anyway.

But because of this, may it be that God will be our moral standard to which we become more like Christ each day. I also found this interesting as i was reading Genesis 15:6. It says that "And he believed in the LORD; and he counted it to him for righteousness". NOte that just by believing, God credited him for righteousness. That was the only effort it took for Abram.No, he was not perfect, but he believed and God called him righteous.

May it also be to us that from this day on, we believe not blindly, but in trust that God knows best.Believe with rationality.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Teach me (poem)

Is there or is there not anyone who glorifies my God,
Is there or is there not anyone who loves the Lord,
why is it then my dear father who art in heaven,
that i feel alone doing your work with such passion,

Is this feeling that u put in me,
something that others should see,
or am i just blinded in this world,
sleeping with comfort in my cradle,

The only thing i ever want to accomplish is,
to do your will with love that never cease,
why do people say that i am too young,
how old is old and how young is young?

am i not prepared or am i not ready,
is my foundation right ,is it steady?
will the road be easy or will it be rough,
will You or the devil get the last laugh?

Father who art in heaven let ur kingdom come,
never act on my will but may yours be done,
Give us oh lord this day our daily bread,
and also please do forgive us of our debt,

Lord call upon me call upon me,
here am i lord send me send me,
use me God to do your will and your purpose,
whatever it is i would definately put you first,

Im not here to teach but i am here to learn,
will this fire last, will it continue to burn?
what can i do to nuture it ,what can i do to save it,
teach me God as i sit or even as i lay at your feet.


Saturday, August 05, 2006


CVC...hahah....just a background...cvc is a christian radio station which can be found all over asia...mainly asia pacific. there are millions of people listening to it.It isnt broadcast in australia tho..but u can still hear it over the net like what i am doing now. do visit to get more info

so why am i so excited? its because i am helping out by following up on people.non-christians who participate in the radio events like competitions held by the radio station and stuff. its a being a missionary without even stepping out of ur doorstep. People from all different cultures and backgrounds.its just exciting to get to realise how many people i can touch out there. talking about building a church without walls. ahahha

and evangelism can be done so easily with internet.i would soon be given an account where i can sms,email or send letter or even give gifts to those people in need.and all through the radio station.of course we have a liability and signed a contract/agreement to use the facilities with the right purposes and not our own benefit.Its all for God's glory as we don get anything in return. Its just the satisfaction of being able to be used by GOd .love it...juz love it...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Theme of my life.

The future doesnt determine who you are, it is what u do now that determines the future.

I was asking God why cant i experience him more intimately?Then all of a sudden i had a memory flash back.I closed my eyes.There i was 2 yrs old living in this double storey house.I was literally reliving that memory. It was a memory i had but never realised how significant it was until now.I was only 2 or 3 years old at that time.It was the house i had the most loving memories.the time my dad taught me how to kick a soccer ball at that same house.But the memory i recollected was was my encounter with God at a very young age.most people cannot retain memories while they were toddlers but i have somehow been given this gift of storing memories and reliving it in the most appropriate time.

I remember having this bed by the side of the wall.i would have a "cats eye" by my side and a mosquito mat to chase away mosquitoes.Cats eye was a orange light that would only light up if the room was had a sensor.So there i was on my bed and was about to sleep and then something would sing for me to sleep.Angels or not i do not know.but what i could remember was the voices of children singing and it starts soft and becomes louder and louder at the end.I could not remember what the songs were as i was only at the age of 2 or 3 years old.It could not be heard by others.

My family has been blessed to have so many spiritual encounters.there are many more, some are spiritual attacks by the devil.there was even a short demon with a cowboy hat that was in our house.yea we did encounter alot.and the spiritual world is more real to us as we know it exist but whatever the case was, we did stand firm on our ground.Just as joshua said "as for me and my household, we will serve the lord".

sometimes there are moments in our life that we tend to neglect.simple things like rebuking stomach ache and all.people over here might just go "er...ok...stomach ache..haha" but hey it is until u realise how effective prayer is,it is until u execise ur faith on the little things, then only will we learn to see the greater things. People of faith or they used to call the generals of God were a group of outstanding preachers/christians.but realise this that they diddnt just boosted their faith overnight.It was a gradual process.even Jesus had to start his ministry at 30 years old.and because of his 3 years ministry, he changed the history book of mankind.

I am not contented to where i am in my christian walk.What do i see myslef to be 10 years from now?or even 20 years? do i just see myself like any other coming to church probably with a family, sitting down and just go back home after service?no, i want to do so much more,making a difference in the places i go,and if God allows it, i would rather be a martyr for christ.the passion i have no one understands.but for the sake of the gospel it is worth it.This is what Jesus said in Matthew 16:24

"For whoever wants to save his life[a] will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it. 26What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul? 27For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father's glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to what he has done. 28I tell you the truth, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom."

Everyone is encourage to have a theme for their life.Here is mine

"Make my life a living sacrifice,
the way You want it to be,
to serve you with all my heart,
whatever the cost to me,
take me, break me, mould me Lord,
as the potter shapes the clay,
pleasing you in all i do,
approved in everyway"


It hurts.Everything i see around me just eats me from the inside.The land of the holy spirit.Where is the conviction of the Holy Spirit in the people here?Where is it? Are they too accustomed to their culture as to be immune to their convictions?What is christianity>? is it just to comfort u the rest of your life?make u feel good? help u overcome ur hurts,fears,pains,etc? Is that what christianity is all about?is that the reason u are a christian? What is ur foundation?

People here may be physically rich but spiritually poor.But first what is being rich? Is it money? but money was only introduced later on.It was a barter system at first.This means the defination of rich altered somewhere along the line.What is true riches?some translations of the bible says heavenly riches.Is it not our character that determines how rich we are?our sincerity?rich in love,rich in peace,etc.

One thing i hate is when people change the meaning of the verses of the bible to comfort themselves.If God says its wrong then its wrong! no use making up own definations on what God meant.If God says yes then its yes if God says no then its a no.Thats why Jesus says, if only we had a simple faith as a child.

People are serving God in so many ways,but for what purposes?Many have served out of convinience rather than sacrifice.It is a shame!prayer, being the foundation of christianity,the source of growth is being put down the list!people only come when they need prayer, or if not when they are not tied up.It is time to take up our stand and to realise God is 1st! How many times will i say that what u achieve in this world is just nothing, a waste of time!For we are aliens of this world, just passing through as the bible have said.It is time we practice what we preach,do what we say, walk the talk and not just talk the walk!

you say to ur brother how important it is to give to God during offering but you yourself do not give to God.Am i wrong but to say it is a blesphamy?a disgrace? Faith wothout works is dead! and in Luke 16:11 it says So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?...Then u may say but u earn the money urself without God.Here is a verse for u.Deuteronomy 8:18-Remember the lord your God,for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth. Its time we stop agreeing on the truth because even the devil knows the truth and agrees with it.It is time to act upon it!Wake up for goodness sake.

If life was all about u, to comfort u, to heal u, to bless u, u might as well call urself God and make everyone else slaves.Hey its not wrong to get all these...but it is time to move on! how are we going to get to step 2 if we are still at step 1 trying to comfort ourselves? i dare u to take the next step! stop comforting urself and get out to comfort others!

while we are whinning about our silly problems, people out there have just lost their parents, their child, their home in a war.Are u just going to sit there and pray to God saying "thank God im safe"??Come on! get over ur step 1 and start praying for the lost!praying for comfort.stop thinking about ourselves. Being humble is not about thinking of ourselves less but thinking less of ourselves. There are more people out there that are suffering ,more problems out there than just our minor problem.

Why is it o hard to see?Why?why?why? he who has an ear let him hear! If only ,if only we realise that we are fullfilling God's prophecy for the end times.If only u realise and take initiative to be part of it.The blessing u have has blinded u instead of empowering more prople.Open ur eyes! Oh God, open their eyes that they may see!Convict them that they may know! God, make them do what they tell others to do!
Do your work Lord, so your name will be glorified not only in us but throughout the land!