Monday, August 28, 2006

Rectifying last sunday's

To start off, last sunday evening , the sermon wasnt right at all. Or should i even call it a sermon?besides the scripture romans 12:2 not relating to the topic,
HEre are my points.

No.1 We are not gods

Its funny that christianity is against any other gods and here is someone trying to promote us as gods.The only God there is is the only one who lives forever more.the defination of god is simply one who is worshiped.And no! we are not to be worshiped at.Even Paul rebuked when people tried to worship himWe are not to be rulers but instead servants.And through this servanthood we become leaders.It is until we humble ourselves only will God use us to impact others.One example is the life of Jesus.He did not come to this earth to rule but to serve and through his servanthood, he led the wrold.

No.2 We are not "as good as people get to experince God"

You know if i am as good as people get to experince God, i dont think anyone wanna be a christian anymore.ahha WE ALL fall short of the glory of God there is no way I am even close to what God is.If we become christians because our friends are christians, when persecution comes, chances is that you will give up your faith easily.But if you experience God, the REAL experience, the REAL thing, no way would you let go of such faith even if a gun is pointed at you.Knowing the real God and experiencing it is just a feeling no words can describe.THere are even people who accepted christ without even being witnessed by people.Jesus appeared to some of them ,mind you that they are people who are in remote areas and never heard the name JEsus before.But Jesus appeared in front of them and they became christians! My point is we are not as good as people get to experince God because Jesus can intervene even without our help.We are juz priveledged to be able to be used by HIm.It is a priveledge!

No.3 Prayer meeting is important

People say that praying one minute a day is good enough and when u add all the numbers will look good statistically.BUt hey prayer is not about making up the numbers, it is about your own spiritual dont add someone elses prayer time to yours!It doesnt work! You cant just say to your friend "hey dude u pray 2 mins today...i pray 3 mins...then we make 5 mins"...gosh....prayer shouldnt even be added up because it is a PERSONAL encounter with God.
That is why prayer meeting is so so so important.The power of corperate prayer!When two or three are gathered in HIs just wont believe what can happen....This year alone so many miracles happen just simply by sacrificing a wednesday for God. Little niki is one example how God spared her life.

No.4 Not a task list but a discipline

Whatever we do in our christian walk, our devotions, prayer life, worship is never a task list that we tick. It is simply a service to God out of love. Doing all this does not make u a better christian but your attitude towards this makes the whole difference. It just simply boils down to how much we really want to know God.Because if we love god with all our strength heart mind and soul....all of these will just fall into place!We no more need to force ourselves to do these but you would WANT to do it. That is why that was the most important commandment Jesus said.Love God with all your heart.

NOw some people say that God loves you no matter what you do.Yes it is true but the fact still remains that GOd loves you but not your sins.You cant just go around saying oh....God will understand why i did that....He will forgive...His love is unconditional no matter what....You are just missing the point!Ok let me provide an analogy..

A father loves his son.His son steals his friend's pencil box.The father finds out and punishes him.But the father's love for his son was no less before the incident.HIs father still love him the same.The same goes with our heavenly father.Sometimes we sin and he punishes us.Yes he still loves us and because he does love us...we get punished so that we will be a better person.

I believe that you have more or less got the point.So we cant say that "oh if i dont pray and go to church..maybe skip this and that...God will still love me....anyway he wont love me more if i did those things becuz he loves me unconditionally".Well believe it or not that those people who are in hell were loved by God too....but because they did not love God back so there was only a one way relationship.And we should all know that one way relationship isnt a relationship at all! And without a relationship...hey who is God to you?

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