Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I am now at the age where prophecies are coming to past.Prophecies spoken of are coming to reality even right at this very moment.I can be here naming all the prophecies but all i can say is it took me 18 years to come out with 2 prophecies which in both cases came to past within a matter of two weeks. I wonder when the next prophecy will come......

I begin to look at the bible and Paul said in corinthians that between speaking in tongues and prophecy...choose prophecy.It is in 1 corinthians 14 by the way.I always treasure prophecies alot because it just shows how personal God is and how real He is.
BUt on the other hand there is a group of people who prophesies, not from God but from his own conscience. This however is a blasphemy.Because prophecies are so precious and we should not be telling someone what God says but in actual fact is just what we felt.

How to distinguish a real prophecy from a fake one? Prophecies are specific.They are not general.And it also shouldnt be used in vain.Some people struggle to distinguish their own feelings/thoughts with God's instruction/communication.Sometimes God speaks and we think it is us speaking to ourselves.Sometimes it is the other way round.I used to struggle with this until i realise how easy it was to hear God's how do we distinguish it?

ok picture this, u call your friend up and your friend sounds totally different on the phone.The next time u call him/her u still had to say "may i speak to ____" becuz ur not sure who is on the other side.But after a year of speaking to him/her everyday, the next time u dial that number, u will recognise the voice to be his or hers right away. my point?well during the first few steps with God, you may not distinguish his voice.BUt through constant communication, slowly yet surely you would know who God would recognise it. And when the trumpet sounds on the day of ressurection,be sure u recognise His voice if not u will not be awaken..

So how else can we communicate with God other than prayer?No other way!It is through prayer you recognise God's voice.BUt if you say you have been a 10 yr christian and still dont know God's voice, you know what?one question i would ask is how far is your prayer life?what level have you brought it to?One thing is for sure, I enjoy talking to God.I receive revelations after revelations, sometimes dreams and sometimes visions.If only all of us live a prayerful life,if only....

Just the other day, God showed me this revelation.I wouldnt elaborate it becuz it simply speaks for itself..

Popularity is defined by the numbers of Sunday service
Faith is defined by the numbers of the prayer meeting.

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