Sunday, August 06, 2006

Teach me (poem)

Is there or is there not anyone who glorifies my God,
Is there or is there not anyone who loves the Lord,
why is it then my dear father who art in heaven,
that i feel alone doing your work with such passion,

Is this feeling that u put in me,
something that others should see,
or am i just blinded in this world,
sleeping with comfort in my cradle,

The only thing i ever want to accomplish is,
to do your will with love that never cease,
why do people say that i am too young,
how old is old and how young is young?

am i not prepared or am i not ready,
is my foundation right ,is it steady?
will the road be easy or will it be rough,
will You or the devil get the last laugh?

Father who art in heaven let ur kingdom come,
never act on my will but may yours be done,
Give us oh lord this day our daily bread,
and also please do forgive us of our debt,

Lord call upon me call upon me,
here am i lord send me send me,
use me God to do your will and your purpose,
whatever it is i would definately put you first,

Im not here to teach but i am here to learn,
will this fire last, will it continue to burn?
what can i do to nuture it ,what can i do to save it,
teach me God as i sit or even as i lay at your feet.


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