Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WOw..its october!!!

Wow...its october already.
Man...what a journey this year has been.

I dare to stand here and say there is no one in my circle people that I know am going through the stuff I go through. And I boast about it because now I know what it is like to fully rely on God's strength and not my own. I learnt it not because I was willing to but more of me being put in a situation where all my strength has been drained and I have no other source to depend on. You know how we have so much head knowledge about God, Im telling ya that it is nothing until you have experienced it.

Lets start with my job.I work at least 25 hours a week on a uni day and 45-50 hours a week on a holiday. You see, if people were to just have a job with that amount of hours, they would be tired by the end of the day.

Then comes church. Well we're pioneering a church so were pretty much heavily involved in building up the church.Lets see... monday night bible study, weds night prayer meeting, friday night youth, Sunday Service. I guess my focus has been the music ministry and leading the youth group to a greater dimension.

Then there is studies. Well to be frank, I dont have time for studies.not that im lazy, but I really dont! ahha . Exam is tomorrow, I just started studying yesterday. ahah!

Well so to summarize my time,
Monday - (9-6pm) uni and work. (8-10pm) bible study
Tuesday -  (9-6pm) uni and work. (7-10pm) giving tuition
Wednesday -  (9-6pm) uni and work. (8-10pm) prayer meeting
Thursday -  (9-6pm) uni and work. (rest of the day) planning for youth.practice for worship
Friday -  (9-6pm) uni and work. (7-10pm) Pick people up for Youth, and have youth after.
Saturday -( 9-5pm) Work. (rest of the day) practice for Sunday worship.
Sunday - (3-5pm) Setup hall for service (5-7pm) Service

I told God, "I really need your strength as I am not doing this for myself but all this, literally all of this is for you. I am going to give you my all and I know you will take care of my studies for me.Ive been doing it all this while, but this time the test is even greater and I am fully dependent on you for strength and wisdom.By Human strength  I might survive for one month with this schedule, but for the rest of the year...I need you."

And before I know it ....Its october now!!! ANd you know what, I am not tired but I feel that I have alot more left in me. and everything has been working great ever since. 
I got a promotion in the job, my credibility and influence has increased. Church has been growing ever since especially with the youth  doubling every couple of months. Studies wise, I thank God for the results he gave me for semester one...couldnt be happier. For this semester...I still have to rely on Him, but I know He will not fail me as long as I keep my focus on Him.