Monday, December 11, 2006

statement of faith

so vce result is out today.some are happy some are sad...some did good andsome did bad...oh!! it rhymed k k lets try to make a poem for this...

Some are happy some are sad,
some did good and some did bad,
no matter what the results do be glad,
that ur friends still love u and thats that!

lol..k it sounded nice..=)
so anyway yea vce results are out....what can i inspired to study now! hahahah
i will set my aims that i can achieve...reasonable aims .....which is....not to get 99.95 but juz get Dux...ahha
i believe it is possible if i really want it and work for it...hmmm in case some of u dunno wat dux is., means ur the top student in the school....and for my school u probably need 99.95 to get dux i think....but thats not wat i want..i juz want dux...=p okok back to reality...wait..i am in gonna work hard next yr....not to challenge any other person...but to set a standard

wat i plan to do is to juggle 3 things next year
2)church services and meetings
3) ministries

i believe that with obedience and faithfulness to God ...exam results will be better.
there are so many contributing factors to a good exam result...of course hard work is one of them but wat about peace of mind during exam?stress?health?unexpected things can happen anytime and anywhere...i have taken 3 major exams and if it was not God who gave me the results i dunno who did.

when faith is spending more time with God, it is not a waste of study time, but instead it works the opposite as it helps ur study time.You realise u have moretime to study when u spend more time with God.

So to those sceptics who think coming to church juz waste study gonna prove u guys gonna show why God comes1st in the priority list.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


something inside wanna break free......but its being contained...contained as if it was locked in the cupboard for a long time and now its woken up...banging vigorously on the cupboard door wanting to come out.The only thing thats holding it back is the lock.But i dont have the key.I wish i knew wat the key was.i wish i know what is inside the cupboard.I wish i can cry .....but if only i know why ...if only i know what is inside?what is this in me? why is it being contained?i wanna let it go...but the key is missing...i want to do this but something is holding me back.....what is this?tell me!

it clouds my mind, my very thoughts.....disillusioned by the gust of the wind....deprived from my own this wat its all about?i thought i knew i thought i had it...i thought i thought i thought! everything is blur now....what lies ahead ,only time can tell..i can never see my steps ahead....i saw a glimpse of the future that God has forme...but im not sure no where near what has been promised.did i hear and see it correctly?or was it juz a spur of a moment to have such a vision displayed before my very eyes?or was it juz a dream?juz another ...another dream?

I am juz someone stuck in a ptch black room.not knowing what is ahead of me.everything around me seems to be void.i cant even see my ownself....but because You oh God are a lamp unto my feet....because of that i can see the next step im taking.I may notknow what lies ahead of me now but im glad u are there to help me see the next step.Where do i go from here? guide me Lord me ..i pray...

Saturday, December 09, 2006


lol...i found time to blog..ok an update on myself. im working from 7am to 5pm.the workingplace is like 1.5 hours drive with heavy traffic.I travel thru and fro at peak hours so its like 3 hours drive everyday....but with the money..its all good.hahah so my work finish on the 15th which is this coming friday. but then i got an interview for mcdonalds on the 20th. the thing is i dunno if i wanna work...cuz i might wanna study for next yr.hmmm but then if i get the job i get money... so i guess i'll juz go for the interview....whether i get the job or happy....

ok so if u seldom see me online...heres why i get back home at 6ish and lie on my thing i know it would be 9 or 10pm so i'll juz take my dinner and wash up cuz i have to wake up at 5.30am for if u do see me online...lucky you...ahahah

ok so somehow i managed to find time to watch "the click" today and its a good movie.i guess adam sandler is juz a good actor.....and the storyline wasnt it was good and funny...

other than that planning last minute hang outs are juzfunny how it works out...=) would be hangin out more often....=) till then gotta get rest nw...cyz

Monday, December 04, 2006

there will come a time

there will come a time...there will come a time.
when suddenly he/she does not act or perform to your expectation.when suddenly words being thrown out seem impossible to be taken back.when the war heats up for no appearant reason.Every person has their own phase of life.Everyone changes from time to time.I guess no one is comfortable with changes.Everyone expects everything to be the same yesterday today and till death do us part.But changes happen so frequently....people mature...gain intelligence...sometimes to the point of surpassing your own knowledge and understanding. You realise your time has passed and a new generation is taking over...but howwell do we deal with changes? how hard is it for a mind to be versatile enough to understand the changes that happen around us? Once upon a time people said we could never fly....those were the days when changes seem so irralevent. but as generations passed people are beginning to accept changes more and more takes time..i does...

what is it like to see someone now different than what he/she used to be?will u still accept he/she despite them not being what you think they should be like?despite them not behaving what u want them to behave.or is it more important just to accept them?what is it like to deal with a change?

what is it like for a person to tell his parents its time to leave the house and stay someplace else.What is it like for a child to grow up and get married?what is it like to be secured in your own home where everything is provided and suddenly be out in the world looking after yourself?what is it like to hate and yet love someone at the same time? is it hard to cope up?is it that difficult?i would never know.

somethings are just meant to be.All this will happen one day.there will come a time....there will come a time.....