Sunday, December 10, 2006


something inside wanna break free......but its being contained...contained as if it was locked in the cupboard for a long time and now its woken up...banging vigorously on the cupboard door wanting to come out.The only thing thats holding it back is the lock.But i dont have the key.I wish i knew wat the key was.i wish i know what is inside the cupboard.I wish i can cry .....but if only i know why ...if only i know what is inside?what is this in me? why is it being contained?i wanna let it go...but the key is missing...i want to do this but something is holding me back.....what is this?tell me!

it clouds my mind, my very thoughts.....disillusioned by the gust of the wind....deprived from my own this wat its all about?i thought i knew i thought i had it...i thought i thought i thought! everything is blur now....what lies ahead ,only time can tell..i can never see my steps ahead....i saw a glimpse of the future that God has forme...but im not sure no where near what has been promised.did i hear and see it correctly?or was it juz a spur of a moment to have such a vision displayed before my very eyes?or was it juz a dream?juz another ...another dream?

I am juz someone stuck in a ptch black room.not knowing what is ahead of me.everything around me seems to be void.i cant even see my ownself....but because You oh God are a lamp unto my feet....because of that i can see the next step im taking.I may notknow what lies ahead of me now but im glad u are there to help me see the next step.Where do i go from here? guide me Lord me ..i pray...

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