Monday, December 04, 2006

there will come a time

there will come a time...there will come a time.
when suddenly he/she does not act or perform to your expectation.when suddenly words being thrown out seem impossible to be taken back.when the war heats up for no appearant reason.Every person has their own phase of life.Everyone changes from time to time.I guess no one is comfortable with changes.Everyone expects everything to be the same yesterday today and till death do us part.But changes happen so frequently....people mature...gain intelligence...sometimes to the point of surpassing your own knowledge and understanding. You realise your time has passed and a new generation is taking over...but howwell do we deal with changes? how hard is it for a mind to be versatile enough to understand the changes that happen around us? Once upon a time people said we could never fly....those were the days when changes seem so irralevent. but as generations passed people are beginning to accept changes more and more takes time..i does...

what is it like to see someone now different than what he/she used to be?will u still accept he/she despite them not being what you think they should be like?despite them not behaving what u want them to behave.or is it more important just to accept them?what is it like to deal with a change?

what is it like for a person to tell his parents its time to leave the house and stay someplace else.What is it like for a child to grow up and get married?what is it like to be secured in your own home where everything is provided and suddenly be out in the world looking after yourself?what is it like to hate and yet love someone at the same time? is it hard to cope up?is it that difficult?i would never know.

somethings are just meant to be.All this will happen one day.there will come a time....there will come a time.....

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