Monday, December 11, 2006

statement of faith

so vce result is out today.some are happy some are sad...some did good andsome did bad...oh!! it rhymed k k lets try to make a poem for this...

Some are happy some are sad,
some did good and some did bad,
no matter what the results do be glad,
that ur friends still love u and thats that!

lol..k it sounded nice..=)
so anyway yea vce results are out....what can i inspired to study now! hahahah
i will set my aims that i can achieve...reasonable aims .....which is....not to get 99.95 but juz get Dux...ahha
i believe it is possible if i really want it and work for it...hmmm in case some of u dunno wat dux is., means ur the top student in the school....and for my school u probably need 99.95 to get dux i think....but thats not wat i want..i juz want dux...=p okok back to reality...wait..i am in gonna work hard next yr....not to challenge any other person...but to set a standard

wat i plan to do is to juggle 3 things next year
2)church services and meetings
3) ministries

i believe that with obedience and faithfulness to God ...exam results will be better.
there are so many contributing factors to a good exam result...of course hard work is one of them but wat about peace of mind during exam?stress?health?unexpected things can happen anytime and anywhere...i have taken 3 major exams and if it was not God who gave me the results i dunno who did.

when faith is spending more time with God, it is not a waste of study time, but instead it works the opposite as it helps ur study time.You realise u have moretime to study when u spend more time with God.

So to those sceptics who think coming to church juz waste study gonna prove u guys gonna show why God comes1st in the priority list.

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