Saturday, December 09, 2006


lol...i found time to blog..ok an update on myself. im working from 7am to 5pm.the workingplace is like 1.5 hours drive with heavy traffic.I travel thru and fro at peak hours so its like 3 hours drive everyday....but with the money..its all good.hahah so my work finish on the 15th which is this coming friday. but then i got an interview for mcdonalds on the 20th. the thing is i dunno if i wanna work...cuz i might wanna study for next yr.hmmm but then if i get the job i get money... so i guess i'll juz go for the interview....whether i get the job or happy....

ok so if u seldom see me online...heres why i get back home at 6ish and lie on my thing i know it would be 9 or 10pm so i'll juz take my dinner and wash up cuz i have to wake up at 5.30am for if u do see me online...lucky you...ahahah

ok so somehow i managed to find time to watch "the click" today and its a good movie.i guess adam sandler is juz a good actor.....and the storyline wasnt it was good and funny...

other than that planning last minute hang outs are juzfunny how it works out...=) would be hangin out more often....=) till then gotta get rest nw...cyz

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