Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello 2013!!

 Just in 2012 alone I got married, graduated and got my 1st job as a Radiographer. 3 very different but very important events happened in one year not forgetting how they were all perfectly tailored in time. It was as if it had all been planned out for me from the very beginning. I can now see how everything is slowly falling into place, how the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. I am yet to see the full picture but happy enough to see the progress of the pieces forming part of the image.

2012 was also the first time Steph and I travelled interstate, first to Gold Coast, then to Sydney. Both were very different experiences yet experiences we'll forever cherish together. It was also the year I travelled to Vietnam and experienced a whole new world. Certainly different and humbling yet an enjoyable experience.

On the downside, 2012 was also the year Steph and I got hospitalised for food poisoning and also the year our house got robbed. It was indeed a very traumatic experience, to feel violated at the very place where you feel most secure. It took us awhile to overcome it and I must say it motivated us to look forward to owning our own home. Nevertheless we choose to focus on the positives and use the negative experiences to motivate us to be better.

2013 will be a special year. Definitely a year full of milestones. It is only 2 weeks into January and I already got my first milestone- Director of Life Solution Christian Church. It is certainly an encouragement to what I am doing in church ever since starting the ECHO ministry 5 years ago. The title doesn't mean anything but it does encourage me to continue to build His Kingdom.

2013 will also be the year when we have our first baby. A year when we first become parents. A year when our parents first become grandparents.We are both looking forward to welcoming our baby into this world. Do follow our progress of Baby Sim by clicking the link.
On top of that, we also hope for 2013 to be a year when we will get to purchase our first home and our first car.