Sunday, May 10, 2009

I know

I know whats happening. 

I know what happened.I know but I pretend not to know. Or do I really know? I am certain...very certain ....or am I? Even if it is so, why then does it feel this way? Why then does it have to be this way. Why do I have to see things and pick up suttle clues. Why do I have to know. Why.

I know what you did. 

Maybe it was better not knowing.better living in self denial.Would time be proportonal to the actions we do like what einstein said? If so, let me move faster, let me run like the wind and skip this part of life. 

Or maybe, just maybe Ive been brought to this situation again and again and yet I run. the easy way out. Do I stick up to it this time. Is it worth sticking up to it. Maybe, just ....just maybe its time I did something different.

Open your eyes.

What do I do now. I cant wait. I cant rush. I cant run. I cant endure. Or maybe I can but I choose not to. Why cant you see.. 

Look at me

Why? Why not.  Maybe its the things I do. The commitment ive placed. I hope you see it the way I see it. 

Im beginnning to like my car. Not gonna look for a new one.
I want to keep my old car.Its not for sale.No test driving without me knowing. No, let me rephrase that ;  No test-drive. period.