Sunday, March 23, 2008

Homeless guy

today was probably one of the most fulfilling day i have ever had...

Mel and I left the planet shakers church to talk to this homeless guy by the road side...we ended up talking for 2 hours. Ive learned so much from him. How life can be so simple and yet we complicate it.

We offered to bring him out for lunch but he diddnt want to. SO we just sat at the stairs and had our chat there. Lovely guy!

We learn about how life has taken his toll on he got into drugs. We talked about his family...his life...his perspective of life....

He is a wise guy i must say...He is very knowledgable... He talks about the way different organisations run in the city. The way they help homeless people etc. How pointless some of them are and how he enjoys different kinds of approach...

Sitting down and having a chat with him was probably one of the most meaning ful times ive had.If ever any1 drops by the old abandoned salvation army building...near parliament station...there is a guy there by the stairs under a tree...his name is Darren... say hi for me. He's a lovely guy to talk to!

We diddnt bring him to church but we brought the church to him =).

God is great!


ok i woke up in the morning.....with my blinds still shut. turned on the computer and adjusted my laptop camera. This was how it was before... And this is how it is after..... yes i look tired. Thanks to nikki who woke me
anyway....this is a random post... and my laptop's webcam is any1 wanna play some webcam? lol


Thursday, March 13, 2008


well im starting to be myself more these days. yeap~!
im starting to skip lectures~! wooo~!

thats more like it...back to old school.....skipping classes and all...
aaah....that just makes me miss the good old times...

i remembered how we used to run though the forest and come out on the other side of school ...
walk down the hill to the taxi stand and take a taxi off to the shopping centres.
hoping the principal or security guard would not spot us.
well that explains my exceleent record of attence...whch ws 50% i think =)

that was then..

now , no chains bound, i can just skip lectures when i feel like it. awesome.
no more running in bushes and getting caught in spider webs...

well todays tutorial was fun..
we learned how to convince someone to take off their clothes...haha
not only that....we learned how to make sure that all clothes are taken off the patient....
i think i chose the right course =)
haha jk................. NOT lovin this course ....

Sunday, March 09, 2008

placing the pieces

It starts now. finally....

the red light went off and the green light shone. not the brightest, but still visible.

finally, all the preperation made sense. finally the pieces of the puzzle for the last 10 years could be seen being put together.each placed nicely forming a picture.

the picture is not complete, but at least i can see where it is heading now.

some parts im uncertain but at least part of the picture is fixed, i know what pieces to put alongside it now....

now take me from here, to the place where I am destined to be. Let me exceed your expectations God.Let me fulfill the destiny that was coded in me before i was brought to this world. Let me grabhold of it and not be shaken by circumstances.Through you will I achieve the impossible. Through you, this earth will change.

I dream BIG....because my GOD is BIG!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


my scheduelle could not be any worse than this.
monday 9-4
tuesday 9-2
wednesday 9-6
thursday 9-6
friday 9-4

erm hello? its uni~! isnt it suppose to be relaxing while having less contact hours at the same time?
funny how i chose this course thinking it would be the easiest course in the world having just to push a button to take an x-ray and poof u get money for it..haha

now i realize how wrong i was. well i took my 1st x-ray today. that was pretty easy. wonder why they made life so difficult by expecting us to learn
how to make x-rays
how x-rays work,
knowing every bone , joint and muscles in our body
interpreting x-rays
learning about the chemicals in our body.

basically from what im learning, i could basically build a ct scan or an x-ray machine when i finish this course. not forgetting becoming a doctor and a physiologist at the same time. I always get the hard subjects dont i.

well on the good side of it, there's double the amount of girls in comparison to the boys in my class =p. well the term "girls" and "boys" is pretty naive considering the fact we have some adults in our class.

i need space. i need time to breathe. 2nd week and im already struggling. Im not struggling to keep up, im just struggling to find time to breathe

im burnt

Sunday, March 02, 2008


how was my wedding? well...sorry chez...there wasnt any of my "type" there. speaking of my "type", i have only met two of them while working as a sales representative. well there was one girl who was younger than me by a year... how do i know their age? well i love my job. ahha in my line of work, i get to know everything about them...from birthdates to bank accounts and credit cards whether they are single,available,married or having a partner. hahaha!

well this chick that was younger than me...but she was married. dang~!

oh wells life goes on~! ahaha.

while im still single, im enjoying my freedom.....yet something in me longs for something more. I dont think im ready, but I want to be ready.haha yet I want to be single. I enjoy playing this tug of war within me. I am aware of my confusion or am I confused of my awareness. ahah

God, please bring her in a box at my door step. It will make life so much easier.haha

maybe a label saying

To: Sean

Hope you enjoy this gift

From : God

That would be nice.And probably make my life much much easier.haha

NOt forgetting a warning sticker attached to the box saying :