Sunday, July 16, 2006

God knowin the future?

Lets stimulate some thoughts here.Think about what i am going to ask.We all say that God knows the future.So why did God create Lucifer if He knew he was going to be the devil anyway?If He knew eve was going to sin,WHY did he create that tree of knowledge of good and evil?if He knows the future, HE should even know if we were destined to go to heaven or hell even before he created us .Am i right? why should we bother going to church at all?If God knows the future,aren't we mere robots who are following a script that had been written before time?People say that man have a choice.but if God knows the future, HE should know what choices we are going to make and therefore it is not a choice after all. isnt it?

Got your attention didn't i?But now i am here to question you.who told you God knew every detail of the future in the first place?was it ever written in the bible?or was it something people passed on for generations without even thinking it through and just accepted it blindly like any other Christians would.Just like weeds swaying with the direction of the wind.

People like to quote this scripture "God knew you when u were knitted in your mothers womb".Its something David said.Well i would what?it doesn't prove that God knows the just shows that God knew you 1st before anyone else.Its obvious!God is the one who chose to breathe life into you,of course He knew you 1st. he simply decides if you were to be born or not!simple as that.

Now to explain and clarify every the situation here.We all have choices!People say God can never be surprised.who said so? Matthew 8:10 and Luke 7:9 says that Jesus was astonished,amazed.So now it gets more complicated.

So does God have plans for the future?Yes he does! He has plans to prosper you and not to harm you.But it is our choice to follow his will.When Jesus taught the disciples how to pray,one section said "let your will be done".When Jesus was praying before his crucifiction, he said "not my will but YOURS be done".He CHOSE to be in God's will.

So how does all of this make sense?I will explain in an analogy...

This pastor plans to have a huge concert.But the members are encouraged to help out.Whether it is arranging the chair or handing out fliers,each were given a certain responsibility.One member decides not to participate.The pastor then contacts him and persuaded him to be part of it.In the end that non-participating member is the one losing out.Now it is his choice if he wants to be part of it.But note this,whether he participates or not,the concert will still go on!The pastor most probably would have found someone else to do that job.

The same goes with God.He has plans,purposes and his will, all laid down .he has plans for our future.He gave us talents,abilities and gifts to perform our job here on earth.Now it is our choice to decide if we want to be part of it,if we want to walk in HIS will.We may sometimes go astray,but because he loves us,he uses people around us to bring us back on track,back to God,back to his purposes.But if we decide not to follow his will,we are the ones who lose out.Remember this,His purposes and plans will still come to past!.He made plans to establish His kingdom on earth and He will accomplish it regardless of your participation!God is capable of raising someone else to do his will.Just like what Mordecai had told Esther.He told her that for such a time as this, if she doesn't do it,God will then raise someone else to accomplish it.

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