Saturday, July 22, 2006

Discovery concert!

so this is the 2nd day and i had to wake up at 8am on a saturday! poor me i we brought jacklyn and juwita to the dendenong mountains...supposed to feed birds (at least i thought so) but end up sight seeing and eating.from left : juwita,my sis,my bro, me, jacklyn.
we took a pic at the wiching tree....and if ur wondering y im such in a wierd position its becuz im sitting down in between the 2 big thick as a trunk i would say.hahah
from top left: my bro, me
from bottom left : my mom,juwita, jack's mom,my sis juwita's mom, chris, uncle doug
bottom: jacklyn

i dunno y my mom took only these pics at the pie in the sky restaurant. Look at my dish! its a floating pie! haha and it was goood!!! i was having my spider coke drink...and later ended up drinking jacklyn's hot choc cuz she wasnt feelin well....
so after the dendenong mountains i headed straight to church for practice....and stayed back untill the night concert! and only got home at 11pm.....

alot of people were askin y we din do the ballroom dance again...ahha hope we can perform it again since we both enjoyed it...but in the mean time im gonna have another dance tomorrow!hip hop this time and im practicing it 12am! lol!tomorrow will be another fantastic day at the carribean gardens with jacklyn and juwita singing again.... thats all for now...gotta continue practicing........

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