Saturday, July 15, 2006


well a fine day i had, mens ministry was FUN-NY! hahah ive never been to a man's ministry meeting yea i was laughing all the way through out the 1st song...with jonah...ahahhaha
why we were laughing? well like i said 1st of all i havent been to a men's ministry meeting,so when they started singing....all of them were singing in low key...and it was juz funny to be there at that time.haha all the manly voices wonder we diddnt need a basist...juz needed a guitarist...ahhahah the message was good and practical.i love messages that i never heard before.cant blame me...i was born to be a pastor's son.and i was attending church every sunday since the day i came out of my mother's womb untill now...never skipped a service in my entire life.haha amazing huh.i bet no one can ever break that so after that we had a fun time of soccer....people got heated at some points but i was my usual self,playin the game for fun..scoring silly goals...hahah

so what insight do i have today?we all know what temptations are....but do we know the right way to overcome it?we may have our own ways of overcoming it but what is the right way?1st of all what i wanna share is humans especially man have pride.thats nothing new...but then do you know that whatever temptations that comes to ur mind is actually the same as everyone around you?it is stated clearly in 1 corinthians it up if it looks like im makin it up.The devil then tries one of his most famous trick.deceive!1st he tells u that ur temtation in ur mind is a secret and no one shld noe about it.then u tell no one about it .in result...ur not accountable to anyone.but the truth is...the people around u are tempted by the same thing!unless and untill u realise this,u can never grow further in christ.

there are many sermons on temptations,we all know we grow stronger and all after im not gonna repeat gonna add new thoughts,create a new mindset.The devil knows the power of how he tempted eve,he suggested the idea of eating the im gonna show u how powerfull a suggestion is.have u ever found urself in a situation when someone suggested about this delicious food and u suddenly felt hungry?or have u seen a person yawn and u too felt like yawning?or someone goes to toilet and u feel like u had to go too... NOW do u realise how powerfull a suggestion is?its the start of the downfall for mankind anyway.

So now...what do u do when a devil suddenly suggest something in ur mind?u cant stop the devil from continuing his job.all u need to do is snap out of it!know that whatever ur going thru,God knows u can handle it,thats why he allows it to happen! ANd also note that doesnt mean u overcome it once or twice,it wont come back again.take my will come back one day,again and again untill the die u are perfect.which is when u meet the maker.

One of the ways to overcome temptation is by refocussing ur thoughts on something else. say suddenly u had this thought of lustfullness.refocus it like looking around and say u see a tree...then start thinkin how the tree is formed or bla bla bla....before u noe it,uve forgotten what the devil suggested earlier.Some people try to focus on their tempation and start praying about it and so on.this is unaffective cuz u r still paying attention towards ur temptation,towards ur thoughts.why do i use the name "devil" alot rather than temptation? good you know that no where in the bible is stated "resist temptation"...surprised? BUT what the bible did say is resist the see u cant stop a bird from flying over ur head,but u can stop it from building a nest on ur head. the same way goes with temptation!

and if it consoles u any better, I am going thru the same temptation as u.and if i can overcome it,why cant u?

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