Friday, July 21, 2006


Today was so so good.i went to church right after school to practice ballroom dancin with suz. we practiced for bout 2 actual actual practice...hahah last minute stuff thanks to aileen who got sick...but hey all work out to be good!haah or at least we had fun on stage...hahahah
=))).....suz looked different more specky and nerdy with a tied up hair....not that tied up hair was bad but it was juz different today.hahah

and the malaysian idol, jacklyn victor was funny and cute! im sure everyone there would agree with how she entertained the crowd...hahahah she did her winning song for msian idol which was "gemilang" and it was as good as it has always been!boy was the night awesome.....u noe something about juz somehow relates to everyone. We know everybody has different interest and are made differently,....but the special thing is when it comes to singing and music.....everyone can identify themselves with it....isnt it amazing....

Everything happens for the glory of God...who are we to complain?juz love tonight and will hope for a better one tomorrow!hahah everyday is always better than the previous!Glory to the one who lives forever and ever!

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