Monday, July 10, 2006

SOccer final

1st of all the final sux.haha why?cuz everyone hates italy lol.1st they put out the socceroos with a cheap penalty,put out the germans with 2 mins more to go, and now won the final by a penalty shoot out?k k ...enuf critiscm...hahah imagine what would happen if aussie had beaten italy.haha
so yea this was the final.but 1st i might as well explain the day that led to me foolishly stayin up.hahah

i woke up at 8.30,got myself rdy and went to church.Service was awesome as the church was packed pack!hahaha new commers comin in each week....hey evidences of God's provision over our church.ive developed this habit of acknowledging God in every single thing.if i remember correctly,it should be is hosea 6:6,where it says "for i desire mercy,not sacrifice.and
acknowledgement of God rather than burnt offerings."

so anyway service was awesome and the preacher was crazily good.Got so much out of it that my lil brain might not hold it all at once.hahah. then after that i went to have my lunch in church and man!was the lunch great! ahah i mean ,not as an insult but u noe what i mean by church lunches dont ya.but this time it was tasty and yummy and....and...hahah if u know more words..let me know..i have limited vocabulary.hahha after that i went up to MCd and talked random stuff....including what i said about aileen.haha but it was a joke anyways...really it was!

hmm then we left mcd...went for dance practice....danced till about 4ish 5ish i guess... then went up again juz to get red down again and had 2nd service . Well this service was great too.....everything went well and oh ya,the mens ministry thingy.i hope they post it on youtube...hahah so cool!ok after evening service...i drove home and got back about 9 something to 10. Had my dinner, watched 2 CSI shows and did my devotion. One thing i would stress on devotion is this. YOu cant love someone without knowin that person.Agree? Well how then can u love GOd without knowing him?How can u know him if u dun read his Word? It is only through the bible, we get to know what God is like, his characteristics,his promisses,all this cannot be accepted in our hearts by just what other people say. We need the bible,read it,and know Him.Know Him, and love Him.

so i did my devotion,and i learn something new each day,if i dont get anything out of it, i will read more ,till i get something out of my devotion dont really have a time of how long it should take,it just flows naturally.

ok,after devotion,it was 12am,i got into my dad's car and went to nikki and ali's hse.there, aunty mary was watching tennis.We all joined her hahah so we watched the final ,eventually federer beat nadal.Federer is just too strong.On clay then its a different story for nadal huh.So then tennis finished, aunty mary went to bed and nikki woke up and came in.i thought of havin some nap but juz couldnt sleep.ahahha then soccer started.the 1st goal scored.......then ali came in..."is there a goal already......arrrgghh" then still squinting her eyes " i cant see...its too bright" lol....

entering the 2nd half of the match i fell asleep...i woke up at 6.30...juz in time for penalty shoot out. and trezeguet missed....arrgghh..of all ppl.... after that we all got ready for skool.and since aunty Mary is workin in my skool....its convinient.hahah
on the way to skool....well, what can i say....the Dj was a pervert and thats my conclusion.dont ask me what it was all about.

so there i have an hour of sleep and going to school.....1st thing i did was find out which teacher is MIA. and the last period teacher wasnt skool finish earlier for overall i tried keeping myself awake ..slept about 2 mins in history...wasnt that bad...and slept 30 mins durin lunch hour.hahahah thats becuz the ball we were juggling got confiscated. i pulled through the day and gave up on the way back from skool....i juz konked off...KO u would advice to soccer freaks, sleep before u watch the match!

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