Monday, October 23, 2006

Dont be a fool!

It perplexes the very thoughts of human's inteligence.Creating a world of no more than a reign of pure evil.With people delusionised by the moral standards that humans have try to set, it is no wonder that a world where chaos and evil reign supreme.Is it even possible for a human to say what is good and what is bad?is it possible for one to know what is evil and what is pure without anyone telling them in the first place? The rational mind of one speaks forth the rational mind of God.For it takes one to set a standard and others to follow.Different people have different ideas.DIfferent people have different principles. But one cannot derive it by just FEELING that it is good or bad but must be able to KNOW what is good or bad.

THe very fact of the existence of God , the one who devided the calendar in two(B.C. and A.D.), the reference point of everyone's existence,and the very fact there is something worth of living had set apart rules which were used throughout history by countries that are newly build, organisations and not forgetting the churches.But why has the marginal line between good and evil non-existent in our society? the very margin of good and evil is the bible itself.FOr wiith it and through it there is no justification for evil.Thus i have found the very sin that is amogst the younger generation today.THese problems were never done or even thought of by the older generations.

1) gay relationships. How could such an era be supportive of gays or even the existance of gay churches.The very fact sodom and gemorah was destroyed by God was because of Gay relationships.The very fact Leveticus 18:22 states that there should be no gay relationships states its importance and significance for itself.I dont see any point of such relationships and i dont see how a church for gays can even be started.Yes, we should accept all kinds of people to the kingdom of God...BUT TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS! NOT IMPOSING AN "OK" to others!turn! repent! how blind can one be?is not the blindfold of evil worst than the blindfold of darkness?In darkness noone can see your foolishness but having the blindfold of evil just lets others see how foolish they are! A misrepresentation of GOd is simply a blesphemy!

2)Cutting oneself. I have asked people who cut themselves this question. "WHY!?!?!" enjoying the pain an excitement of cutting the hand?Like it was said, the blindfold of evil exposes their foolishness to those whose eyes are opened.Many , in fact all said it felt good to do it.This goes as well for tattoos. does it make one look tough?or sexy? or even cool?how delusionised can you be? Realise that the coolest people or toughest people on earth or in your minds right now do not have is juz something or someone playing with your thoughts telling you what it isnt in reality...its about time...wake up! Leviticus 19:28 says do not cut your bodies or put tattoo marks on yourself.

Conclusion = dont make a fool of yourself!

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