Monday, January 28, 2008

Choices ...

Whats the lay down? It all started back when I was 9..i had PTS. It was an exam to see if youre smart enough to jump a year level. Was it pressurizing?no. I diddnt care.

Then UPSR came along.I was 12.I felt the heat....only a bit. I wanted a good high school. I applied for English College and i got in. I was glad that they accepted my results.

Then PMR came when I turned 15. This was the exam that could determine if i qualified for the science stream. I felt the pressure and for the 1st time, I studied(last 3 months b4 exam). I got into science stream and what did I do after that? laze around.

SPM arrived sooner than I thought.I was17.This could determine...nothing actually. Weather I did well or not, I was going to Australia. I sat back and relax.

2 years after that it was VCE.19 yrs old at this point. I realised how important this was.It would determine my future...literally.I was pressured. And for the 2nd time in my life...I studied(whole year of 2007). It was intense.I diddnt know what course to do because the course would ultimately determine my future career. 1st hurdle was to pick a course...2nd hurdle was to qualify for it. In the end I got it.

So i am on the road I happy?yes and no. Now i am wondering what to do after my Bachelor. Should i go masters or take up medicine. From a million paths that were laid before me before it is narrowed down to two.I see a split road at the end of my 4 year bachelor degree.At least now its 2 choices but it is still hard to make.

option 1 : stick to my bachelor degree and be content with it. Starting pay = $35 per hour. which works out to be about $75 000 a year

option 2 : taking up masters and doing ultrasound.Part time course, 3 years. Ends up being a sonographer. starting pay $50-60 per hour. Work out to be about $120 000 per year

option 3 : taking up bachelor of medicine. full time course, 4 years.Ends up becoming a radiologists. Pay = i have no idea. Some say 200 000, some say 300 000 , some say half a million per year. Actual amount? clueless.

what this gives me? headache. and i have not even started my course.Am i thinking too far?yes. Am i worried?no. Am i confused?yes. Currently leaning to just do masters.Unless and until I find out the actual amount of a radiologists salary, I will lean towards masters.

What this tells me? There will always be choices in life.But it is up to you to make that choice available for you.Does choices get easier?no.Does it get tougher?no. Choices varies.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Li Yen

Li Yen

Together with his sister, sing rhu I knew him at a very very young age.
One of my closest friends in church and never regretted it.

We had a "gang" back in lower primary was me , you and Benjamin ..ahah
played alot and had heaps of fun.We were in the children's choir, we did children's church plays, we hated fong yee and we were young..ahahah

but soon years passed and as expected, everything changes.

what can I say about you? friendly, smart and really hard working. Be confident of yourself because you can achieve things that people can reach higher because you are capable of it. you can play and also study at the same time and still produce excellent results.Your determination to do well is outstanding.

But do not let your success distance you from God. by your own effort, you only can achieve so much ,but with God, there is so much more. Know that circumstances can change in an instant but God is the same yesterday today and forever.

Hopefully we will meet again sometime soon..
All the best~!



Do not for one moment think ive forgotten about you.
We met about 1-2 years before i left for australia.It was the youth camp. you know..what surprises me was your amazing ability to socialize.It was your first youth camp,and you never met anyone of us before (maybe a couple of them you knew from school). but you were all everything you got... you played one the main characters in that youth camp talent night and you did your job superbly.

YOu blend in with people so easily and it is a joy for others to be able to know you.people tend to feel comfortable with you around them because you never leave them out. You have a great spirit and something about your character just draws people to you.

It was certainly a joy to watch you take your first step in getting to know Christ and watching how you started growing exponentially from that day onwards.Christ is just so real in your life and it is so obvious with your passion for him. SOmetimes life occupies us with things that would distract us from God.Devil knows the potential you have in reaching out to others but know this, you are stronger than it. Despite your circumstances, always find time to commune with God, do not let anything steal your time from God. Always, always put God 1st because he did the same for you.

Take care bro~!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sing Rhu

Sing Rhu

Sorry I know you like your Christian name alot..Chloe, but..i would still call you by your REAL name =p

Well she is probably the first friend I had stored in my memory bank.I cant remember anyone before her.We met in 1993(when I was 5 years old) . And we used to play around as kids.HOw do we play? disturbing and bullying each other =). We were Joseph and Mary in a Christmas production back when I was 7 years old. At 9 years of age, we were married.we were walking down the aisle sinking our fingernails into each other's skin(we hated each other but were forced to act it out in a play) and we said our vows in front of the children's church.ahhha that was a classic.

so we grew up hating each other until 12-13 years old.then those wierd chemistry started which ended up messing alot of stuff .ahha all i can say is that it was our first time.we were still clueless and were at the "what-to-do" stage. young and innocent but hilarious to think back about it.Remember how the 21 year old plan seem so far away..and now look how fast time just flew by.

hmm we were in St.John Ambulance Malaysia and i was proud to be able to know a sergeant who was my close friend =p. Well we pretty much had our own lives after 2002.there was so much that happened within the 2000-2001 period . It was a time when I had a head on collision with life and got myself into hot waters

Focussed, tough and strong-willed determination has been the driving force of your success to become what you are today.Do not forget the path God brought you through, the people he gave to support you along the way.use your gifts of leadership and music for God.Dont leave this world with all the potential left in you, leave this it all out for God's glory.

May you continue to be successful.
TAke care~!

Cheryl Teoh

Cheryl Teoh

Know whats hard?Finding a picture of you alone is hard.Every other picture you have is always with someone else.What can I of the most sociable character anyone can find~!

One of the first few friends I made when I first got down to Melbourne.It was at the beach.Rosebud beach. It was definitely surprising to hear that you were only here for 3 years and you totally lost your malaysian slang. you can try as hard as you want chez, but your malaysian slang is retarded.ahahaha

Hmm if i remembered correctly you won some junior singing competition before. And using your voice to lead people in worship, who can ask for more.A great entertainer, great actress, great spirit and a loving heart. A creative mind who often puts it into action by making lil presents, gifts and cards.

Always thinking about others.A great friend to have.Thanks for your company to the city,lunch movies etc. So many things u did to help me adapt comfortably.maybe you diddnt realize what you were doing but I guess you were just being your bubbly friendly self and it helped me settle in here very comfortably

I understand being a pastor's kid sometimes has its undercurrents. sometimes there are stuffs that happen behind the scenes that we cant help but to worry and at times be angry at it. But through all these tough experiences that you go through...know that you're not alone in it.Sometimes we don't want advice from other people because we know what they are going to say before they say it.we know the mechanics of Christianity .sometimes we focus too much on our problems that our heart drifts away from God. do not let the noise around stop you from hearing God =)

hey look at you today, you changed so much within just the last 2 years and im really proud of how strong you are today. =)

Really, thanks for your company and it has been my pleasure in getting to know you...

Stay adorable~!

Monday, January 21, 2008



So it begins....
well i wont go through the full story. i'll spare the readers the details lol.
but we have gone through alot diddnt we?

I first talked to you on msn after PMR .we were comparing results and telling each other how much money we received just because of our PMR results.well we met probably in 2004 and i dunno how we ended up going down the same diddnt even see that coming.....

you were my daughter at one stage and i was your looking back at it, i must say that was a smooth tactic you had there tasha.ahha

yes we had some very rough times but it thought us patience and maturity.yes, there were some mistakes along the way but we managed to learn from them.

I would like to take this time to say sorry.sorry for the permanent scars that were made.sorry for putting you through so much.sorry for the actions i did that left you bleeding emotionally. I do not regret knowing you but I regret the things i did.Some decisions that i made were not the best but yet you supported me all the way. I realize now how selfish and self-centered I was and I hope you forgive me for that.If I had in any way been the cause of your deterioration in studies..I am truly sorry.

Thank you for playing a big role in my life.I have learned so much within that 2 years of my life and I hope u did too.Now I am residing in Australia and youre in the US.Time difference only allows me to chat with u at unorthodox hours.

I am really glad that you came to know Christ and I hope He will continue to guide you.I can see that you'll be a really good mother one day.I know everyone says that but its true.haha

I hope one day we can meet again and catch up on will surely be interesting.

Anyway thanks for everything...thanks for your support, thanks for your understanding, thanks for all the letters u made, gifts you bought, thanks for playing a big part of my life, thanks for everything!!.



well let me introduce you to the one and only twin sister!ahha.
we met in 2003... and we never knew how similar we were until end of last year.
We have the same train of thoughts...same likings....same characteristics....same response to situations.It was getting freaky, so i got to a point where i wanted to find something different between us. So i asked the wisest question.."how many times did you go to the toilet today?" I was almost certain it would be different but guess was the same number of! freaky!

Im guessing that God put very similar genes into us which explains how we think alike.
tho we may not look the same(tho we both have small eyes)...ahhaha but it has been a great journey going through life together with you.our study achievements are quite similar... our "partners" were similar in so many ways.... and our knowledge on the word of God are pretty much the same.and funnily we both wanna do missions.
ok twin,...i don't know why God made a duplicate of me in a form of a girl...i always thought 1 sean was enough for this world to handle lol.

I thank you for encouraging and helping me when i was down.always including God in the picture whenever i miss it.always reminding me of God whenever i neglected it. you are certainly someone that I enjoy discussing the bible with.really really hope u'll be coming down to Melbourne to further your studies.It was a regret not getting to know u more while i was still in JB .

All the best in the days ahead and may God's outstanding glory continue to shine through your life as a testimony unto others. don't have to change one bit, you're a perfect example for many for just being who you are right now.

Elaine Ang

Elaine Ang

So it appreciation chain posts that will go on for the next few days and probably months. 1st up is elaine ang..just because u started this thing . well I have known you since 12 years old? but we never did talk much then.I guess we are kinda close now .funny how distance helped us get to know each other .

well what can i say...have never met someone who nudges me so much and even asks other people to call me just to get me online so she can juz bicker about stuff ahahha.If only u were that keen to give me money =p.For a person who constantly compliments herself....i really dont think i need to add anything to give u a confidence boost lol.

well ur blessed with so much...even your birthdate I can hardly forget. 8/8/88 ...ahha

I guess its still a wonder how we have so many friends in common( and in such a unique way too) your primary school friends become my high school friends and my primary school friends become ur highschool friends and yet we both go to different schools throughout our schooling life.

hmmm life can be unfair towards you sometimes but you are stronger than the troubles that come your way.each time you come out of these situations you become stronger and stronger emotionally.You may not want it but God says you need it.He prepares you for a bigger battle in the future.This is your equipping stage.Do not let your circumstance make you lose sight of who God is.Do not in any circumstance resent any anger towards anyone... it will only drain you out.

Well to wrap it up..thanks for..
hmm thanks for being you.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


hmm update on myself.

physically : not fat, neither slim
mentally : same...
spiritually : doing lots of bible studying lately... some parts are still hard to understand
emotionally : strong, independent,
socially :learning to talk and "handle" a range of different people
Waiting : Steph to come down to aus(feb). to start uni.
Hoping : Aiyuen would come to aus.Nikki to get a job at three.Enough money to pay my uni fees. God to take me higher.
Aiming : best student in radiography.double my pace in Christianity. more independent financially

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I was never prejudice...i was never racist....until I started working in a customer service's line.
I was the real world.I always wondered why some cultures could not get along....and y some cultures can....Being in the real world...dealing with real people teaches me more about life than philosophical interpretations.

this group of people that im talking about would go to any extend to get what they want...always at another person's expense.In extreme cases they are commonly known to go to the extend of killing and murdering just to get what they want.In a more civilized society like Australia, they are worst than the Jewish when it comes to money.I'm saying this based on personal experience. Although i know that not everyone in that race behaves this way...I would still say the majority of them do. The only ones that I would be able to accept are those from that race but are raised up in least when they argue...they make more sense..and are more polite in conveying a complain.

what I got myself into this time?well it happens everyday but today was special.I lost my cool.What happened? I upgraded her phone.See, for upgrades we don't give anything to customers...but for her...she ask and ask and didn't stop there...she continued to ask and ask and i got fed up..I gave her a free casing and a car charger.After that she wanted a blue tooth hands free in exchange for the car charger.WTH! I said no. then she said that I had used that to trick her into upgrading her phone. She was arguing for 10 mins..raising her voice ..attracting a crowd around me. working alone at the store and having her shouting at me with a crowd around me being entertained...I tried calming her down ...only to find her raising her voice louder. I stared at her face and said..."if u think i tricked you into getting the phone, u over stepped your limit.I'm not happy at the way youre talking to me and I can easily tear the contract u just signed...put the phone back and u can find another shop for a better deal." then she said "is this how you show customer service?" know wat..i was fuming at that time...felt like closing the shop and head for home.

I just kept quiet and didnt bother entertaining her the end she took the car charger and left.I was just trying to be nice by giving free stuffs which ended up becoming my fault. It spoilt my entire day.I need a break.

Its only the older generation of this race that i try to stay away from.younger people are more reasonable.sigh.

yesterday was a wierd case....a guy came in and said that he doesnt like his phone and he wants a new one for free.I said u cant do that...u have to pay for it. And that guy said.."how can that be?that doesnt make sense to me.." and that argument went for 10-15 mins. silly, time wasting, unproductive.

i have heaps of similar cases.

you see the thing that bothers me is the way they talk to is as though i am their slave and when i don't do what they say they would raise their voice.

If I was not in my uniform...i'll give them a high five.On their face that is.

From now on....if that group of people appears in the kiosk again, Ill just ignore them. I may not have as many sales but I would certainly be a happy man.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

lookin back

Looking back on 2007 I see it all...I realize why individual incidents that did not make sense at that particular point of time had taken place. It seems vague and sometimes meaningless to say everything happens for a purpose unless you actually see the outcome of it. The view at the point of hardship may be shadowed by frustrations and pain but the hindsight view of things puts everything back into perspective.

I went looking at some past posts that i did on this blog and I realized how much I have grown since then.mainly my fluency in English but even the perspective of life that I used to have was shallow in comparison to what it is right now. I certainly do not wish to be satisfied and complacent at where I am.I want to go deeper and deeper so long as my heart would beat.

Year 2007 had been a great test for me.I had to juggle my commitment in church....ministries...studies and also not forgetting the most distracting factor = emotions.I struggled with myself trying to subdue and not give in to my emotions.It was definitely hard and sometimes I thought my effort would be in vain.In the end, I thank God for the challenges I had to go through because I learned a whole lot out of it. The tougher the problem is, the stronger you get.It is true that God's grace is sufficient. I thought I had no more strength left within me to finish the race I started but God was there to see me through.I was about to give up on my studies 2 weeks before the exams.I dont know why.I ran out of fuel..out of will ..out of purose 2 weeks before the exams...but God was there pushing me on.

God has been good.NO...God has been faithfully good. I was stretched to my limit emotionally this year but would never portray the slightest sign of it to anyone else.I was good at putting up fronts and still am.I had a battle this year...a battle within me.It is amazing how much you discover about yourself through these moments....things that we were oblivious of until the test began.I dare say I am a far better man than I was last year without boasting of myself but boasting of the one who was behind the shaping of my character= God.I know I have my weaknesses, and I am working on exterminating it.Tho i know i will always have weaknesses as long as I live here on earth, I know I can subdue it and not be a slave to it. I have my scars that I had no one else to blame but myself.self-inflicted damage. I cannot see how this can be something useful to God at this point of time,but I have faith and that is all i need to believe that God has his plan laid out and may I CHOOSE to walk in it.

The dichotomy of life is that troubles is a subjective to the person's maturity

May 2008 be another platform of foundation
I can do with more platforms as long as it brings me higher
and closer to u