Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cheryl Teoh

Cheryl Teoh

Know whats hard?Finding a picture of you alone is hard.Every other picture you have is always with someone else.What can I say...one of the most sociable character anyone can find~!

One of the first few friends I made when I first got down to Melbourne.It was at the beach.Rosebud beach. It was definitely surprising to hear that you were only here for 3 years and you totally lost your malaysian slang. you can try as hard as you want chez, but your malaysian slang is retarded.ahahaha

Hmm if i remembered correctly you won some junior singing competition before. And using your voice to lead people in worship, who can ask for more.A great entertainer, great actress, great spirit and a loving heart. A creative mind who often puts it into action by making lil presents, gifts and cards.

Always thinking about others.A great friend to have.Thanks for your company to the city,lunch movies etc. So many things u did to help me adapt comfortably.maybe you diddnt realize what you were doing but I guess you were just being your bubbly friendly self and it helped me settle in here very comfortably

I understand being a pastor's kid sometimes has its undercurrents. sometimes there are stuffs that happen behind the scenes that we cant help but to worry and at times be angry at it. But through all these tough experiences that you go through...know that you're not alone in it.Sometimes we don't want advice from other people because we know what they are going to say before they say it.we know the mechanics of Christianity .sometimes we focus too much on our problems that our heart drifts away from God. do not let the noise around stop you from hearing God =)

hey look at you today, you changed so much within just the last 2 years and im really proud of how strong you are today. =)

Really, thanks for your company and it has been my pleasure in getting to know you...

Stay adorable~!

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