Monday, January 21, 2008

Elaine Ang

Elaine Ang

So it appreciation chain posts that will go on for the next few days and probably months. 1st up is elaine ang..just because u started this thing . well I have known you since 12 years old? but we never did talk much then.I guess we are kinda close now .funny how distance helped us get to know each other .

well what can i say...have never met someone who nudges me so much and even asks other people to call me just to get me online so she can juz bicker about stuff ahahha.If only u were that keen to give me money =p.For a person who constantly compliments herself....i really dont think i need to add anything to give u a confidence boost lol.

well ur blessed with so much...even your birthdate I can hardly forget. 8/8/88 ...ahha

I guess its still a wonder how we have so many friends in common( and in such a unique way too) your primary school friends become my high school friends and my primary school friends become ur highschool friends and yet we both go to different schools throughout our schooling life.

hmmm life can be unfair towards you sometimes but you are stronger than the troubles that come your way.each time you come out of these situations you become stronger and stronger emotionally.You may not want it but God says you need it.He prepares you for a bigger battle in the future.This is your equipping stage.Do not let your circumstance make you lose sight of who God is.Do not in any circumstance resent any anger towards anyone... it will only drain you out.

Well to wrap it up..thanks for..
hmm thanks for being you.


eL_gaL said...


i saw ELAINE ANG as ur title =D

you just make my day sia. HAHA!

anyway, THANKS again. Oops! How many time have i said that to you? =P

Thanks for always being there.
You're just an awesome brother.
Thanks for everything =DDD

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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