Saturday, January 12, 2008


I was never prejudice...i was never racist....until I started working in a customer service's line.
I was the real world.I always wondered why some cultures could not get along....and y some cultures can....Being in the real world...dealing with real people teaches me more about life than philosophical interpretations.

this group of people that im talking about would go to any extend to get what they want...always at another person's expense.In extreme cases they are commonly known to go to the extend of killing and murdering just to get what they want.In a more civilized society like Australia, they are worst than the Jewish when it comes to money.I'm saying this based on personal experience. Although i know that not everyone in that race behaves this way...I would still say the majority of them do. The only ones that I would be able to accept are those from that race but are raised up in least when they argue...they make more sense..and are more polite in conveying a complain.

what I got myself into this time?well it happens everyday but today was special.I lost my cool.What happened? I upgraded her phone.See, for upgrades we don't give anything to customers...but for her...she ask and ask and didn't stop there...she continued to ask and ask and i got fed up..I gave her a free casing and a car charger.After that she wanted a blue tooth hands free in exchange for the car charger.WTH! I said no. then she said that I had used that to trick her into upgrading her phone. She was arguing for 10 mins..raising her voice ..attracting a crowd around me. working alone at the store and having her shouting at me with a crowd around me being entertained...I tried calming her down ...only to find her raising her voice louder. I stared at her face and said..."if u think i tricked you into getting the phone, u over stepped your limit.I'm not happy at the way youre talking to me and I can easily tear the contract u just signed...put the phone back and u can find another shop for a better deal." then she said "is this how you show customer service?" know wat..i was fuming at that time...felt like closing the shop and head for home.

I just kept quiet and didnt bother entertaining her the end she took the car charger and left.I was just trying to be nice by giving free stuffs which ended up becoming my fault. It spoilt my entire day.I need a break.

Its only the older generation of this race that i try to stay away from.younger people are more reasonable.sigh.

yesterday was a wierd case....a guy came in and said that he doesnt like his phone and he wants a new one for free.I said u cant do that...u have to pay for it. And that guy said.."how can that be?that doesnt make sense to me.." and that argument went for 10-15 mins. silly, time wasting, unproductive.

i have heaps of similar cases.

you see the thing that bothers me is the way they talk to is as though i am their slave and when i don't do what they say they would raise their voice.

If I was not in my uniform...i'll give them a high five.On their face that is.

From now on....if that group of people appears in the kiosk again, Ill just ignore them. I may not have as many sales but I would certainly be a happy man.


_uniki said...

"I was never prejudice...i was never racist....until I started working in a customer service's line.
they are worst than the Jewish when it comes to money."

nice exmple of your newly acquired prejudice racism!

...cos ignoring ppl who look like trouble makers is gonna make you a happier salesman...more like salespansy!

cmon! so what if they give you more reason to grow your grace! ive never heard of or witnessed any situations like yours. Something tells me your gonna attract apparent disaster...heres your chance to turn it into opportunity.

Love ya plenty!
(i might have been harsh, but so were you, evn if the ppl you mention "deserved it". We'll never know who deserves what, and we're not about giving ppl what they deserve anyway! Don't do this...)

Seany said...

im juz venting out my my blog

i need an output thats all.

thnx nikki=p