Wednesday, January 23, 2008



Do not for one moment think ive forgotten about you.
We met about 1-2 years before i left for australia.It was the youth camp. you know..what surprises me was your amazing ability to socialize.It was your first youth camp,and you never met anyone of us before (maybe a couple of them you knew from school). but you were all everything you got... you played one the main characters in that youth camp talent night and you did your job superbly.

YOu blend in with people so easily and it is a joy for others to be able to know you.people tend to feel comfortable with you around them because you never leave them out. You have a great spirit and something about your character just draws people to you.

It was certainly a joy to watch you take your first step in getting to know Christ and watching how you started growing exponentially from that day onwards.Christ is just so real in your life and it is so obvious with your passion for him. SOmetimes life occupies us with things that would distract us from God.Devil knows the potential you have in reaching out to others but know this, you are stronger than it. Despite your circumstances, always find time to commune with God, do not let anything steal your time from God. Always, always put God 1st because he did the same for you.

Take care bro~!

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