Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sing Rhu

Sing Rhu

Sorry I know you like your Christian name alot..Chloe, but..i would still call you by your REAL name =p

Well she is probably the first friend I had stored in my memory bank.I cant remember anyone before her.We met in 1993(when I was 5 years old) . And we used to play around as kids.HOw do we play? disturbing and bullying each other =). We were Joseph and Mary in a Christmas production back when I was 7 years old. At 9 years of age, we were married.we were walking down the aisle sinking our fingernails into each other's skin(we hated each other but were forced to act it out in a play) and we said our vows in front of the children's church.ahhha that was a classic.

so we grew up hating each other until 12-13 years old.then those wierd chemistry started which ended up messing alot of stuff .ahha all i can say is that it was our first time.we were still clueless and were at the "what-to-do" stage. young and innocent but hilarious to think back about it.Remember how the 21 year old plan seem so far away..and now look how fast time just flew by.

hmm we were in St.John Ambulance Malaysia and i was proud to be able to know a sergeant who was my close friend =p. Well we pretty much had our own lives after 2002.there was so much that happened within the 2000-2001 period . It was a time when I had a head on collision with life and got myself into hot waters

Focussed, tough and strong-willed determination has been the driving force of your success to become what you are today.Do not forget the path God brought you through, the people he gave to support you along the way.use your gifts of leadership and music for God.Dont leave this world with all the potential left in you, leave this world..giving it all out for God's glory.

May you continue to be successful.
TAke care~!

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SingRhu said...

We never get tired talking about the old stuff again and again.

Here's to you bro!