Sunday, July 30, 2006

I'm Ready (Poem)

O God O father in heaven,
Here i hold the life u given,
Humbly i come humbly i serve,
anything for unconditional love,

hear the constant beats of my heart,
all this while its pounding so hard,
i want to do so much more,
i want more and more and more.

the feeling i have no one comprehends,
for i want to be used as your devine hand,
i want to do the things u tell me to,
i want instructions not just one or two.

God God hear me O father,
i love u like no other,
grant me the gifts of the holy spirit,
please...i need it lord.. i need it,

equip me and teach me lord,
let my thoughts be your thoughts,
let my ways be your ways,
and my actions on whatever u say,

This agony this pain this thorn,
i had it since the day i was born,
it was the urge of loving you,
the hope and faith i found so true.

God will u not answer me?
I need you to equip me,
not by my strength but my weakness,
then only will i experience thy tenderness,

no longer am i the same but instead a new creation,
and within me is a blazing funance which is ready to burn,
im prepared to sacrifice for any pain,
for to live is christ and to die is gain.


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