Wednesday, July 26, 2006


There are moments in life when u wonder why am i going through this and why am i going through that.I started to think...maybe i wasnt looking at the big picture....all the while i was thinking about how this and that would benefit me.BUt i din realise how this will benefit God.
Then i started looking through my baby pictures...looking at the big picture this all my sufferings had brought me this far....this stage of life....cant help but to smile....

i never knew i looked so cute.....hahah with flabby arms and all....i look like a typical baby....and my eyes are big! hahah looked like those dolls u get from the shop that goes "ma ma" each time u press its
i dunno about u . but al most everyone i met had a baby picture with a telephone.most of the time it is a toy phone but look at holding a real phone.hahah it reminds me of how at that time i would observe my parents talk on the phone and wonder what is that thing all about.then i would pick up the phone and talk to it as though someone is on the other side of the line.hahaha
this one was taken when i sat on someone elses bike. we never had a bike . Its amazing how happy u are when ur a kid...careless about life. nothing the world does seem to bother u.nothing to worry about.....u can talk behind my back at this age and i wouldnt know a thing u said.hahahah isnt it great to have such a care free life.Growin older just means more responsibility. I wonder why people celebrate birthdays.I wish i could be a kid again. just loving everything around me as it is.Never forgetting my parents who brought me up to who i am today. my dad when he still had hair...hahha my mom who still looks the same untill now. everyone thinks she is my sister..hahaha its amazing how she still looks young.on the table beside my 3 cakes were my favourite toys, Garfield,H-toy, that mcdonald dude which looks like zorro and a random toy holding a carrot. I remember tryin to bite the carrot off it.hahah all in the picture was almost all the furniture we had in the living hall. I wasnt born in a grand family. but i was born in a family of love which is priceless...... even furnitures we couldn afford,but because God uses people to bless us,we could survive.....i had to wear 2nd hand clothes till secondary school. MOney was precious but never in priority. The little that we had, we blessed others.And because we were faithfull in the small things, God gave us more. And still we use it to bless others.

I realise buying a meal for someone over here is so rare.Im not used to it and i wont be accustomed to it.Freely i receive the money, freely i give.Anyone who wants a meal, juz let me know...hahah.Sometimes looking back at the pictures brings me back memories of who i was.... Memories are there for a reason.Looking back, i really thank God for placing me in this family where God knows i could fit and grow most spiritually in the years to come.Sometimes i wonder how did this cute little kid turn to an ugly guy now.ahhahhaha.......

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