Friday, July 28, 2006


I was bored.Nothing happened and then suddenly.......nothing happen. was an ordinary day in school.Sometimes u do wish everyday would be extra ordinary...but then u realise if that happens everyday,it wont be extra ordinary sooner or later.

It was funny yesterday tho when we were eating dinner and jacklyn came and talk to me about taking roaccutane to solve pimple problems. Being a science student, i went back home and did a research on that pill. I found that there were side effects such as vision and hearing problems, depression, some reported contemplating suicides. hahah so no way am i taking that.haha

Pimples pimples did it all started? it was in december 2003 after my PMR ...15 yrs old at that time. I had this massive break out...unlike some lucky people who gets it one at a time, i got it all at once! wasnt funny at that time was 15 yrs old for goodness sake.cmon i was nearly at the peak of my popularity! ok so it was depressing at that time. then it started getting lesser at the beginning of the year......and in mid 2004 i got the out break again. I remember people giving me a truck load of advices.they told me what to do when i wake up, what time to sleep, what to eat, how to clean myself, what to bring along when i go out, ..THEY WERE TELLIN ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE!

i basically went to the doctor and he gave me stuffs that helped me,so it got better by the end of the year.but then i stopped taking what the doc has given me by early 2005...and guess came back in the mid year again! this time i ran back to the doctor, got what i needed and it halped me this time i really got fed up with all this pimple thing. I started praying for it!hahaha someone once said u cant be good in everything. so i thought for a moment...yea true...i succeeded in everything that i did, be it sports or studies or anything at all...maybe this was a humbling process i had to go thru.

so then came 2006 when i got to Australia..the medicine i got from the doc ran out by january. and by mid year...out break came again. i dunno if its every mid year kinda thing or by this time, i would say pimples has already been apart of me. and i can assure u that it will go off in like 2 months time as it always has been for the past few years. Its just that period of your life. Ive learned to move on and not put too much effort into physical beauty but rather exercise the inner beauty. Looks only have a certain season.u will only look good at say 13-26 years old? its only 13 years out of say average of 80 years of your life. but inner beauty not only last a life time here on earth, but also in eternity.

To me it may be pimples but to some its rejection from friends or maybe depression, or drying out spiritually. Well it sort of happens so frequently that u thought it is part of sort of lost hope but hey, don worry about the stuffs that happen to u, don worry about what people think of u, what can worry do for u?it just eats u cannot change anything at all. realise that and straightened ur focus back on the finish line.don need to be distracted with the minor stuffs...

anyway the only photo i could get without pimples was my 12 year old picture...

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