Saturday, March 10, 2007

The cruxifiction

Of medical significance is that Luke mentions Him as having sweat like blood. The medical term for this, "hemohidrosis" or "hematidrosis" has been seen in patients who have experienced, extreme stress or shock to their systems (Edwards). The capillaries around the sweat pores become fragile and leak blood into the sweat. A case history is recorded in which a young girl who had a fear of air raids in WW1 developed the condition after a gas explosion occurred in the house next door (Scott). Another report mentions a nun who, as she was threatened with death by the swords of the enemy soldiers, "was so terrified that she bled from every part of her body and died of hemorrhage in the sight of her assailants." (Grafenberg)

The scourging prior to crucifixion served to weaken the condemned man and, if blood loss was considerable, to produce orthostatie hypotension and even hypovolemie shock.8, 12 When the victim was thrown to the ground on his back, in preparation for transfixion of the hands, his scourging wounds most likely would become torn open again and contaminated with dirt.2, 16 Furthermore, with each respiration, the painful scourging wounds would be scraped against the rough wood of the stipes. 7 As a result, blood loss from the back probably would continue throughout the crucifixion ordeal.

With arms outstretched but not taut, the wrists were nailed to the patibulum.It has been shown that the ligaments and bones of the wrist can support the weight of a body hanging from them, but the palms cannot.Accordingly, the iron spikes probably were driven between the radius and the carpals or between the two rows of carpal bones, either proximal to or through the strong bandlike flexor retinaeulum and the various interearpal ligaments . Although a nail in either location in the wrist might pass between the bony elements and thereby produce no fractures, the likelihood of painful periosteal injury would seem great. Furthermore, the driven nail would crush or sever the rather large sensorimotor median nerve . The stimulated nerve would produce excruciating bolts of fiery pain in both arms.Although the severed median nerve would result in paralysis of a portion of the hand, isehemie eontraetures and impalement of various ligaments by the iron spike might produce a clawlike grasp.

a blatant truth that twists the blade of a pierced heart.with blood clotted in the heart,unable to circulate its usual path,it has caused chemicals to react within its body to form a solution which is poisonous enough to stop one's heart from beating.No, my saviour did not die of pain or suffering, he died of a broken heart....

Psalm 51:17
The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.

Isaiah 65:14
My servants will sing out of the joy of their hearts, but you will cry out from anguish of heart and wail in brokenness of spirit.

And yet all that just for you.Sometimes i wonder if its worth all that just for you.but GOd did it.And yet you say you are too busy for him?and yet u say wait till after i finish studying?and when you work u will say you are too busy.I am not asking you weather you know Jesus died or not.I am asking if you REMEMBER!you still think your pain and hurt is that big of a problem now? after all that CHrist has suffered, after all that he has done...what is it compared to yours?Tell me!HOw important is God to you?

spare the next 10 mins of your 39420000 mins of life(assuming u live till 75) watch this.If GOd had gone throgh that much just to save you, the least you can do now is watch this clip....


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