Sunday, December 16, 2007


speak the truth.And the truth will set you free.

of course it is better to tell the truth than a lie. but is it better to keep some things quiet than to tell the truth? are some things not meant for others to know?


why are somethings done "up" there and should not be told to people "down" there?
answer: corruption

With noble intentions....but with sin creeping in through the world.there is no place for God.

it is no longer "GOD used you to do..." but it becomes "god used YOU to do..."

often we slide in "thank God" just to complete a sentence rather than actually meaning it.

oh wells it has been a great experience and certainly played a huge part in my growing stage as a christian.till then

auld lang syne

Saturday, December 01, 2007


ok so i went down to the beach.freakin left my key in the car...AGAIN! and then had to trouble ben to drive me home to get my spare keys.... got back to the into my car and headed back home.

on the way i saw a paper sticking out my windscreen...what did i do wrong now?can this day go any worse? i took the paper was a fine! 66 dollars! and i havent even started working! i looked at the literally said this

i mean...WTH!!!!! if u park a car...who cares which way is it facing? its a parking lot! its not like no parking at this was a parking lot!!!!! it never said u had to face a certain way...and its not even in the rule book! we did L's and never learned such a silly rule. gosh!!!!

so i got fined last summer for going 82km/h at an 80 km/h zone
and this summer i get this! niceeeeeeeee
2 silly fines..juz that this is half price

how was my day? it was great!