Saturday, November 03, 2007

You are near

Verse 1 :
Looking back at things
---C ------------ G
I wish I'd never done
--Em ---- D---- C
I wish I could forget
--G----- D
I try to see
------C-------------- G
How all of these could fit
---Em ---D------- C
I guess I am just blind

Em D C

Chorus :

----------C------- D
When I open my eyes
----G------- Em
I begin to realise
------C---------------- D-------- G
Oh Lord I've been searching for you
--C------------ D
Show me your way
-----G --------------Em
So I'll never walk astray
----C-------- D------ G
I know that you are near

Verse 2 :
--------G-------------- D
When troubles may blind me
------C----------------- G
And problems cloud my sky
---Em-------- D---------- C
I wish you'd know how it feels
-------G---------- D
Whenever I lose hope
------C--------- G
Whenever I feel down
-----Em----- D----------- C
It's you who let me stand again

Em D C -> chorus

Song and lyrics : Sean Sim 2007

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