Monday, November 05, 2007


I found myself watching this documentary on muhammad ali. I realised how little we as a generation know about what happen 10-20 years ago. The war....the politics... decisions that had changed the world...yet, we know so little of and to some of us...being oblivious to it.

It is an irony that we all want to do something significant to make a difference in this world and yet we dont recognise what had been done in the past.We want something to be done for everyone to see but isnt it more essential for it to be remembered? The world trade center incident sparked a new moment for a revival to occur when millions would suddenly go to church. but what happened after that? We remember the incident but not the moment.the emotions,feeling...andrenalin that was there at that time.

How are we to change the world if the world does not give enough recognition for it?
Remember our past heroes and honour them...
until we learn to do that...then will the future honour us

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Natasha Lim said...

amen to that.

_uniki said...

dare i say your quote sounds terribly awkward (english wise)

i rkn put the 'only' at the front. so its "only until we honour our past will the future honour us"...

wahahaha. yes, i do beleive it true, although i rkn acknowledging may be enough...honour is a great deal...mmm...not sure there's enough worth honouring!

Seany said...

i guess the terrible awkwardness of control in the mechanics of my english shows that the quote is mine after all.ahah

uniqueness niki, uniqueness!
(or my laziness to log in and correct it.hahahaha)

cheerriioosss!!!! methods exam tomorrow wooo!

and the funny thing i found out yesterday...i looked really good as a cross dresser!lol