Monday, August 17, 2009


Unfolding a new chapter of life would not be possible without the speculation of its ending. But what becomes more gratifying is the plot that has lead up to this frame of time. It is nothing new to be looking forward to how life will lead but it is futile if we do not recognize how life has puzzled itself through the many thicks and thins, rough and smooth times to bring about into production of our character in which we are defined today.

The proposition of life having all seemingly insignificant moments of life becomes surprisingly significant in another frame of time. Through all the mishaps, mistakes, misjudgements made, it has but became lessons in which we learned in practicality rather than throratically. They were classrooms without the four walls. Yes they were mistakes, but because something was gleaned from it, there will be no regrets.

Life afterall is a choice.Because of choice, there was room made for mistakes. Because there was room for mistakes, we need a guide. Because we need a guide, we were given the Word. God, the source of wisdom, knew choices can be devastating but yet can be the most phenomenal experience if used wisely.With choice, Adam sinned and with choice, Jesus saved.

And because of choice, we can love. and Love is God.