Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jigsaw puzzle

Right in front of me...on the top right hand side was a beautiful picture...It was a venetian boat gliding on the water leaving a ripple of soft smooth waves.The sun was orange and it reflected on the water providing a glamorous picture.That instant moment was i wish i was in that picture enjoying the luxurious life that place has to offer. before my trail of thoughts went any further, i took up a piece of jigsaw puzzle.It was a blue piece.i looked carefully at my half done puzzle of the picture.this blue piece doesnt seem to fit had an odd shape, one that was not squarish but more of a trapezium shape. there were gaps both top and bottom and little things sticking out on both looked weird and did not seem to match any part of the picture.
Its been two days now since i have bought this piece of puzzle.It was the glorious picture that caught my eye in the store and i thought y not try it out.

i took the piece of puzzle and stared at it.i thought to myself..can this be a mistake?maybe this one doesnt fit at all in the puzzle.maybe it is a manufacturing problem.hmmm .after and hour or so ...after fixing up 3 quarters of the picture, i found out that the odd looking piece fitted nicely right at the bottom corner of the picture.

You know, sometimes in life, there are moments or situations we go through that we dont understand why it happens.We seem to look at it and ask ourselves how in the world is God going to use that to fit in his plan?You see your situations may have holes in it, flaws, terrible mistakes, sin.....but you know what...without that piece of your life, your life is not complete, your picture is not complete.YOu can throw that piece away, but it leaves a hole in the u realize that the gaps and the odd shapes of a puzzle piece actually binds the puzzle stronger?
God has a plan for everything and no matter how terrible your past was...It was there to fit into the big picture .....

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