Monday, November 05, 2007


its 11.31 am... im scared.
specialist exam at 3pm.

how has the week been? scary. and for the next 2 weeks...scary..

but i cant wait for the brand new life after next week. then the thought of results a month later darkens the sky again.

ive decided to remain single till 21

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Anonymous said...

i just recently had my exams, and still having them.

just one or two days b4 one of the very important exams, i felt so uncertain. this uncertainly gripped me so tightly around my throat and my faith in God seemed to shake.

but the Lord is good, and His tender Mercy never fails. He has proven Himself of be worthy of our praise and faith.

well, i think i did bad in this exam, but i had the joy of the Lord, and it became my strength to last me the 3hrs.

there is nothing we can do under crisis, but to cry out to Him. just remember He is in control. He has authority. He is the Lord who pulled you up from the mud and miry clay and put a new song in your mouth.