Friday, March 09, 2007

a journey unseen

life, despicable to its nature, u reach a peak then u slide down a valley only to torment your tired and restless body,pushing yourself again to conquer the next peak,the next hurdle.Hurdles which are not for the faint hearted, hurdles that only some will suceed,others run away. how much more can this body,this mind, this soul endure?If only the peaks were laid with green pastures,with streams of living water,but no, a peak with rocks and caves,darkness rule the night as the mountain overshadows the moon.One can only hope that the next step is safe.

What is it that pushes me on?Do i fabricate another world and live pretending a life confabulating my own mind?Or do i face up the challenges ahead taking it one step at a time?.an obvious decision but leaves many in dilemma,many unwilling do be vulnerable to the truth,many who dispels what they think isnt right for them, filtering one's thoughts with their own motive.It is time now.To rise up and face the challenges of life! though u may fall but because you fall, you could stand again,because you fail thats y u succeed. Success without failure can be fantasized but down right unrealistic.

Because people fail you, thats why u grow stronger.because others hate you, thats why u love others.because life is a journey, thats why you need to put the next leg forward.because you are not alone in are not..

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